CanCon: Gordie Howe, RIP

I am a Canadian who doesn’t care about hockey, but one of the Greats Died today.

Gordie Howe, Canadian Hockey Hero and Bruiser Player.

In North America, the players fight during the game and they get into personal fights in the game.

In Europe, it is the fans who fight against the other side’s fans.

Sports varies and which sport matters is very geographic dependent, but also demographic dependent at the same time.

Lacrosse is our Official National sport, and it was invented in South Americas.

Hockey and Basketball were invented in Canada, but Hoops went south and it a tall person’s game.

Canada is in North of North America. We’re not America Jr or America Lite.

America is divided sharply their north to their south and then the coasts against the middle.

Canada is a west to east or east to west and then the true north, depending on which way you count, Ontario and Quebec start with themselves, so it’s the middle against the coasts up north.

Gordie Howe dies at 88

CBC.ca15 hours ago

Gordie Howe, the Canadian legend who played into his 50s and  Mr. Hockey as …

Anyway.  NAFTA… North American Free Trade Agreement.

It was struck by the Canadian PM Mulrooney the last actual Tory PM who was elected, the first women PM of Canada then finished out his term and the party dissolved and the Middle right went Liberal and the actual right went far right.

Preston Manning and others – Mel Hurtig – lead start up parties that never got out of provinces and Stephen Harper reformed the right as C-CRAP   …

Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party. Legally formed and registered and then the Acronym hit the media and they called themselves whatever Rona Ambrose is the Temp Leader of now.

That was Canada politics in the wake of the end of The Canadian Tories.

Back to America, because that is what we watch in Canada, usually in horror so as to re-assure ourselves that “we are not them.”

Canada has no abortion law and now it has no euthanasia law or some other less emotionally worded phrase that people do not confuse with eugenics, something which the British Columbia and Alberta governments did in fact practice – arising from the same false application of using sciencey words to remove the emotion from religiously judgmental language.


Today in America, Muhammad Ali, famed boxer, had a livestreamed Celebrity studded funeral.

This year, there are no Canadian hockey teams in the Stanley Cup.

Gordie Howe, hockey legend died on this day of this year.


in related hockey news

Tim Hortons Donuts, which was once Tim Horton’s (the hockey player)

a Canadian company


it was bought by KFC and became American and lost the hockey and the apostrophe.


When it moved back to Canada, the apostrophe did not return.

Then, Burger King, an American Company, merged under Tim Hortons to avoid American Corporate taxes.

Tim Hortons, this week of this year, 2016, has stated they refuse to have women on their board of directors.

WHEN the donut shop was bought by Americans originally, the product went from baked in the store to baked 95% at a factory in Ontario, then frozen and shipped to locations, which then, just… finished them in the vats. Iceing was only then applied in stores.


In the news
Image for the news result

A proposal to create a formal diversity policy at the parent company of Tim Hortons and …

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