halos and rebounds

Clinton is claiming victory, but Bernie won’t bow out.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are repulsed by racism said by Trump, but have no concerns about the optics of being the pro-rape party.

Then, in Canada…


we are having gang shoots in the street and drugs that make heroin look like a children’s medication are on the streets while police raid dispensaries, which could be dispensing all the recreational drugs under regulations, quality control and taxes.

Canada and America… like New Zealand and Australia…

Colony nations making their adult country ways….

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2 Responses to halos and rebounds

  1. swordwhale says:

    All I can think is that the GOP thinks it can keep its pet radical (Trump) on a leash and get their agenda through Congress (basically, let’s turn the clock back to the dark ages when everything was all Ozzie and Harriet…).

    The arogant egotistical maniacal 6 raccoons in a mansuit will not be leashed.

    perhaps a one way ticket to Pluto…

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