Today was a good news day

The American Democrat Party is moving forward and Hilary Clinton got the nomination.

This is critical in many important respects for America to remove a lot of tarnish from their national reputation.

Second, and even more spectacular is that ABBA is actually going a reunion concert.

Happy Birthday Sweden. 200 years of peace and not invading anyone.

The Viking nations rule and Canada places at the bottom of that pack.


A-Ha: ABBA 2.0


Music Review: Abba The Complete Studio Recordings

ABBA vs Elvis




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3 Responses to Today was a good news day

  1. No, the pseudo-liberal shill for Wall Street who wants to resume raping Alberta’s oil sands and piping them across North America’s largest fresh water aquifer and who supports fracking, and called the environmentally disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership* “the gold standard of trade agreements” has NOT been crowned the nominee for the Democratic Party despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to declare it so.

    *Under TPP all nations will have their labor and environmental protections challenged by other countries’ corporations with the results being decided in closed session meetings of corporate attorneys with NO recourse in courts or legislatures. For example: If a US company wants to harvest BC’s Coastal redwood forests and is prohibited by Canadian law, they can sue for a loss of PROJECTED (imagined) income and only by paying off that company’s losses can they keep those trees standing.
    When Bernie Sanders came out against it and she saw it was a popular stance, she flip-flopped her on her opinion but today her old office suppressed her emails about the TPP until after the election in November.

    She will be a disaster.


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