The one with the crow

Vancouver, BC Canada has become internet famous for one of the crows, who has flown off with a knife from a crime scene in front of witnesses.



there is an issue with the crows more generally, because it’s mating season, that they are diving at people.


I went to Vancouver this morning and had a good walk from St. pauls to Bentall 4/3 complex and back up the hill.

I saw a woman get swooped on by a crow heading towards us.

I managed to point and say “Crow”

just as she said “what” and it hit her in the back of her head.

swooping up and landing in the tree.


I pointed it out to my Mom and my Dad made a joke about it.

It waited a moment and then flew at my Dad walking away, my mom and I both shouting a warning in time.

I spoke to three strangers walking into the crow zone.


Apparently there’s someplace online where people are compling crow attacks.


vancouver.. it used to just be the seagulls ripping the food from your hand

or sometimes, the eagles

when they kill another bird midair, bits land on people.


I mean – aren’t all these wild things supposed to be gone already?

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