Media on Social Media

The Globe and Mail is censoring commentary on Google+

Apparently, they remain unclear on how the internet works. 

The Newspaper repeats it’s printed copy online:

300 South African firefighters are trained and headed to Fort McMurray: The South African government sees it as repaying a debt to the Canadian people for their support for the anti-apartheid struggle. But it’s also a strategy for changing the lives of unemployed South African youths
300 South African firefighters are trained and headed to Fort McMurray
 300 South African firefighters are trained and headed to Fort McMurray


I commented: Canada turned down Mexico, our Trade Partner like 2 weeks ago and now it’s in 2 provinces and we are getting international aid…. okay… interesting update….


Conservatives take steps to end official opposition to gay marriage: At convention, a resolution finds strong support to strike the traditional man-woman definition of wedlock from party policy
Conservatives take steps to end official opposition to gay marriage
Conservatives vote to end official opposition to gay marriage
The Canadian Conservatives have no equivalent to the American Conservatives “log Cabin Republicans” – which is the gay men who want to be part of the conservatives, but are not straight enough to actually belong.
American Columnist Dan Savage refers to them as “Porch Faggots”.
In Canada, there are Gays and Lesbians who are conservative in that they are fiscal conservatives, but not the self loathing that is required to want to belong to a club that does not want you as a member.
Anyway….it was merely a reference to there not being any such organization in Canada, as if Canadians don;t know how to compare and constrast. After all, we follow the American elections more than our own, and last year, 2015, was the first time anyone imagined a PM candidate naked and the first American election that no one wants to.
Wildrose suspends MLA from caucus over insult to Wynne on Facebook
Meanwhile in Canada’s Provinces…..Canada hasn’t gotten the hang of the internet…
There is a big deal of nothing being made of the Alberta Provincial MLA from their right of the right party that referred to Ontario Premiere Kathleen Wynne as having an unclear gender identity.
Kathleen Wynne is a lesbian and on the butch side of the spectrum. She was partly elected under the Liberal Party Provincially because of it not being an issue in Canada – when it was in fact a big deal to have a woman and a lesbian achieve that level of political success.
So it is telling that while the Federal Conservatives are seeking to appear inclusive, the provincial conservatives remain clear on the subject: they not only do not wish to include, they wish to be able to mock and get away with, what has traditionally been gotten away with.
The other issue is that the provincial Liberal Parties are actual conservatives, so there is about to be a re-shuffle of who is in what party and at what level.
After all, when Brian Mulrooney ended the Progressive Conservatives, Jean Charest did not take over that helm to win Quebec, he dropped into provincial liberals and let Kim Campbell run that party of out existence.
Something Rona Ambrose might have considered, eh?
Anyway – the Federal Liberal Party is the party of the Canada Charter.
We have a Government Party of the Day that respects what that means eh.


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