Web 2.0:Provided Content to Being It

In the early web, it was the US military and US universities, plus Canada’s.

The early Bulletin Boards, MUDS and BBSs. After data, it was porn. Text porn.


Geek Culture is not like mainstream heterosexual culture. For one thing, there is a very different ratio of males to females.

In a normal population, there are an even-ish number of men and women. By “normal” I mean one in which there is not intentional and cultural choices that shape “family planning” – which assumes consent of both parties.

Many cultures practice infanticide or have other social factors that create a variance in the normal ratio: China and India on the global stage and closed religious communities on the regional/local stage, geographically depending.

In Science Fiction and Science/Technology, there are far more males than females because of how Secular Public Education has streamed children through the elementary, to high school, to post secondary education.

So, in organized science fiction fandom, there is roughly 10 males for every 1 female, and most women in this community are lesbian, bisexual or rarely heterosexual.

Al Gore did not invent The Internet, Douglas Adams did.

The first online language translator was even called Babel Fish, before Google Translate proved more effective, and as they moved from being a search engine to being the Internet Index Librarian that should have, but could not have happened in the early wild web of no particular standards.


the first person who used the “rainbow” was Jim Jones for racial harmony – the queer community had a 6 color flag… so this is not either of those and besides, it is meant to be inclusive of everyone. so it was used correctly – people need to be less attached to symbols and more mindful of meanings.
inventing issues and nonsense distractions
the right is homogeneous while the left plays more victim than thou

It’s a metaphor (since it’s toilet paper). Can people not understand metaphors anymore? Sigh.

not in a pedantic literalness world where language has devolved to where “literal” now included the nuance of “figurately” – Intelligence is required to understand the higher forms of irony and satire – religion is the mental illness lacking humour.

those are also pop cultural and literacy required. one can only understand allusions and symbolism, when one understands how to decode. no one listens anymore in a zero sum dom/sub circle jerk that is interactions online and in person. the internet is the live time comedy of manners, and the new opiate of the masses, who do not understand that the internet was invented by gay men and uppity women and atheists.

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