A Broke Ass President?

Donald Trump, who said, claimed, exclaimed and boasted that he was self financed so as to avoid the obligations of donations by corporations – has already been personally and corporately bankrupt (how many times) – is nearing the end of his treasure chest and is now accepting both donations and endorsements


even as the party cringes and considers imploding rather than compromise with the man who best personifies their party base.


Trump now willingly accepting campaign donations after earlier ‘self-finance’ claims: Doubts persist over just how wealthy Donald Trump really is and whether he has the kind of cash flow to burn through roughly $200-million a month for the next five months

Globe & Mail


Outpouring of misogyny feared if Clinton becomes president



sunshine is the best sanitizer

suggesting that it’s okay to have a problem with anyone other than a white man in charge


so is bernie sanders – do not do what Ralph Nader did.
We need more Women on the world stage, not more men, white or otherwise.
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