Agoraphobic Outing to The Core

The Downtown Core of Vancouver, BC Canada.

The most expensive no-fun, no turning left or right and construction everywhere, most livable city on the north american continent.

The Patullo Bridge down to a lane each way as Surrey and New Westminster delay.

The illegally tolled Port Mann new span, dividing the 7% of actually going to Vancouver vs the 93% going to Coquitlam, New West and Burnaby beyond. The Tolled Golden Ears Bridge.

Meanwhile the toll free Lions Gate and Second Narrows from the North Shore has their bridges, while south of the Fraser – the idea of adding CEO helicopter commuters is repugnant.

Emulating the 1% at the lower percentiles is the problem and as much as The Gong Show turned entertainment into Amateur Hour, The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous showcased the most useless eaters and wasteful consumerism.

Anyway, traffic wasn’t bad, but $3.50 for a hour hour of parking and another for any few minutes over that.. why not rent parking in 15 minute increments?

seriously, soon, there won’t be any private cars allowed into the downtown

left at 9 am and home by 11, well within the upper comfort zone.

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