Elvis Presley vs Nipper


Francis Barraud painter of HMV logo Nipper the dog 1904 – and Nipper the dog.

RCA sold Nipper dogs to the masses of Elvis fans in the 1950s and Elvis had his own Nipper that sat on the stage with him – and became something of a stage prop.


The is an infamous LA concert where it is alleged that Elvis was inappropriate with the Nipper Plastic dog. But it was not reported in the reviews, and none of the Police Officers who were on hand arrested Elvis or filed complaints.


Let’s be clear – legally speaking Elvis Presley’s show was obscene because it was sexual arousing, whereas Lenny Bruce did not arouse people sexuality, he aroused them violently and he was charged with obscenity in order to persecute him for Blasphemy – which is not illegal.

Elvis Presley in the 1950s and Lenny Bruce in the 1960s are 2 unsung heros of freedom of speech and expression.


ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”


Old Shep
Hound Dog

The Hillbilly Cat turned Tiger Man


Elvisbooks: Alanna Nash



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