QueerWatch: Canada

2015: Canadian Police were shocked this decade to learn that Canadian women have had the right to be topless in public since 1992 and Gwen Jacob.

The most endangered Humans on the planet are

1. Albinos in Africa who are hunted for their magical body parts.

2. Linguist Groups with fewer than 50 speakers and no written language.

3. Queers who are hunted because of religion.

Meet the Philippines' first transgender congresswoman
Meet the Philippines’ first transgender congresswoman
Understanding threat and risk assessment

If you live in a Theocracy – You are the bravest queers on the planet

If you live outside of a G20 nation: It Gets Better

If you live in a G7 Nation – excepting America

if you are Caucasian or can appear to be, we are the luckiest queers on the planet

We need to stop making fetishes of each other

We need to stop oversexualizing children

We need to be clear that NAMBLA is not okay

We need to be better mentors to the youth in our community

because most have been cast off by their birth families

Chosen Families and Community

The Queer Global Community is the ONLY NON-GOVERNMENT who has an advisory role at the United Nations


We do not have to assimilate. We have to be better ambassadors

Alexander the Great saved civilization with his taking Greek Culture across the known world

Christianity hoarded data and caused the dark ages, that first wave of Islam from India brought back the Greek Teachings, and with a number system that allowed for math

The Romans never had a Census, that math was invented in England under King James.

History does not support religion and it’s made by people who combine in a purpose

To exist, to Enjoy and To Art. making a hard world fabulous by design.

the mens hunted and the womens gathered

The Queers decorated and designed, because we didn’t have offspring to bother with and we contributed to the group collective and the QUALITY OF life.

Angles on Je Suis Charlie
Flashback 1990s: Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Angles is the newspaper of the Gay and Lesbian Community, begun in the 1970s

in the middle 1990s, it became the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Community Paper

I forced the Collective to Vote to be Bisexual Inclusive and we used the phrase

“Lesbigay” – leaving Drag and Trans as the extreme fringe

I left the collective and trans people joined the paper and instead of achieving a collective vote – they simply made the change to the paper’s masthead by offering to be the deliver to the printer

and once printed, there was no way to roll it back

Angles became the Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender Community Newspaper

Around that time, Xtra arrived from Toronto and there was not enough advertising for 2 papers and by not working together

we never got the national advertising of American pubications

Angles, run by volunteers without any professionalism, disappeared

Xtra managed a 4 city QUeer National Newspaper and is now only online

and the Canadian Major Daily papers include positive queer coverage instead of treating us like a fringe Drag community freak show.

Canada 10 years after marriage equality.. mainstreaming changed our community.

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