Pronounced “Buy Bull”

  • That actual book was never crafted as a book for the masses, it was a controlled manual with a limited audience. it’s why it is able to be used to support anything you want and it is about creating a following for yourself with a ready made product.

Biology is not the “enemy” of religion, anthropology is. Religion is a cultural product that binds people across national boundaries.

I have been kicked out of humanist groups for being a dyke and queer groups for being an atheist. Some find comfort in many places and most have been or are being hurt because of other people’s religion’s and it’s time for Science to stand up and say religion is a mental illness when you take it literally and seriously
Christians fail to remember that the point of Jesus was no more human sacrifices.

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Since when were there any human sacrifices after Jesus? Sure plenty of people were killed for not conforming to society and/or not following the faith, but they were not declared to be used as sacrifices to please a god.

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denying us rights, secure housing and safe places to pee and putting our community at suicide risk is the same harm of religion done to us as was done in the Canadian Indian residential schools, the Vatican Sex crimes… religion meets the diagnostic manual’s definition. Reality has a science bias and government needs to regulate on reality not myths and legends.
Government separated from religion and developed military and police for social control. war is about economics and the tipping point is religion. There is zero reason for religion to have tax clearances or preference to operate or function in societies in the common global era.
Religion is a choice, a person’s identity is not.
Religion is the ultimate fallacy appeal to authority and Appeal to Ancients
Traditional conservatives are always on the wrong side of history and reality.
actually because reality.
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