Elvis Presley vs Hollywood

Hal Wallis signed Elvis Presley to a number of pictures deal and then loaned him out to another studio for a test drive.


Enjoy this visual run through the elvis lobby cards to show him cast as thug to player to set piece showworld


The Reno Brothers – a Civil war story about when the brothers who went to war come home and find their Left Behind Baby Brother is grown up and married to the Big Brother’s Sweetheart.

The movie was re-named Love Me Tender after Elvis sang it on tv and had an order for a million copies before he set foot in the recording studio or filmed any of the movie.

“Burbon Street Brando” Elvis Presley stepped into James Dean’s next movie about a young boxer.

For Elvis, they made it a singer.

He got an Army deferment and trimmed his sideburns for the role


Jailhouse Rock Lobby Cards –

Youth Elvis and Rocksploitation

Jailhouse Rock was the best designed, and the only real A Movie in a genre of .. it would be generous to call them B or even C movies. Category Z.


Flaming Star – Elvis Presley does the movie that Brando doesn’t.

The American Film Institute includes this movie as Top 100 Westerns of all time.



Movie Theatre Lobby Card

Elvis does an excellent Jimmy Stewart Goes to Washington

Elvis carries Gale Gordon Character Actor Extraordinaire!


Wild in the Country, Elvis with an Older Woman as the A Plot

with a B and C plots with age appropriate bad and good girls.

Elvis in The Graduate at the start of the 1960s

Elvis’ cousin Gene Smith drank himself to death and Elvis missed the funeral because the movie poorly tested and they had to re-film a version where Hope Lang lived.



Elvis visits Mexico and Seduces The Vikings and Flirts with a Lady Bullfighter.


Elvis vs Europe for the American Girl

American Girl is played by Viking Swedish Star Ann-Margaret



Twin Elvis – would Blonder Elvis have had the same impact?

Interesting question to ponder..

.This musta been a weird Movie for Elvis – too Freudian eh?

it’s one of the 5 worst movies he made and my very secret guilty pleasure movie


It is horrifying to think Elvis was almost killed during the production.

Elvis was actually driving the Movie Vehicle and it lost the brakes on the mountain road.

Elvis’ experience with tanks probably helped – no one was hurt.


Elvis…we all had this fantasy LOL


Movie Theatre Lobby Card

Elvis does Beach Bimbos Movie and avoids marriage by deflecting the incoming women to his gang of guy pals!


Elvis vs Europe for the American Girl

American Girl is played by Viking Swedish Star Ann-Margaret


Kid Galahad: was a remake of a classic hollywood film

Elvis is a Boxer who wants to marry Joan Blackman and run a garage.

Elvis had already married Joan Blackman to operate a tour business in Hawaii

Lobby-Cards-2Poster - Kid Galahad (1937)_05

Elvis remade “Kid Galahad” but would later pass on the remake of A Star is BornKid-Galahad-USA-lobby-card-1

Elvis made 3 movies in Hawaii to support Tourism and explored island rhythms


Elvis explores American Transportation Technology and applies to NASA

Vicky Tiu, the child actress who plays “Sue Lin” grew up to marry Ben Cayetano (Democratic Party), the fifth governor of the State of Hawaii in 1997.

Tiu later said that, while Elvis Presley was a joy to work with, she hated working with director Norman Taurog.

For a scene where Sue-Lin cries, Taurog got real tears from Vicky by telling her that her beloved grandmother had just died.

(While directing the movie Skippy (1931), for which he won and Oscar, Taurog used a similar dirty trick to get real tears from his nephew, Jackie Cooper, by having his assistant pretend to shoot Cooper’s dog.)

(the above from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057191/trivia )

Nina adds:

Taurog was a Budget Producer and from the Hitchcock school of thought that actors are cattle and the performance is created in the edit. it-happened-at-the-worlds-fair-sm-webPresley_Elvis_Tiu_Vicky-1962

Elvis saves United Artists the Studio with Tickle Me

United Artist, a studio founded by Charlie Chapman and Mary Pickford was about to go bankrupt in the 1960s.

Elvis Presley’s Tickle Me saved that Studio.

hollywood remakes A Star is Born for the third time, making it rock stars instead of Actors.

Kris Kristopherson specialized in “Characters who get killed” in the 1970 and his movie “Heaven’s Gate”

Ended United Artists and the major Studios went into shock


Elvis: The Spaghetti Western…


Elvis could have play evil archaeologist to Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.

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2 Responses to Elvis Presley vs Hollywood

  1. Joyce Vaughn says:

    Your information is wrong. Gene Smith did not drink himself to death. It was Elvis’s cousin Junior Smith, who suffered from PTSD after coming back from the Korean War.

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