Only In Canada, eh? Pity

Canada in the 1990s; at 8th and Pine Street in Vancouver, British Columbia

There remains an interesting office building, that once was home to the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective.

The building was a three story walk up with a single elevator.

On the Front Door ground entry was a lobby with stairs going up to the second and then to the third floor. There was another staircase going down a half story to the back entrance lobby – off the behind the building parking.

Entering through this door was more usual with staff and limited “customer/client/visitor” parking and each rental having a set number of painted and assigned stalls.

I will state right now, that each renter had it spelled out in their lease that they were not to cause any interference with other tenants.

On the Parking Lot, with the most spaces:

Escort/Sex Workers operating under a massage spa licence with no pretense of being any sort of therapeutic practice. All the female employees would fit the same police form demographic description.

On the second, middle floor, the Vancouver Women’s Collective, which sub-let to related women’s health – Breast Health/Nursing, Midwifes and Reproductive rights activists.

We operated a crisis center, a resources library, had a wide ranges of volunteers and paid staff across the women demographic ethnic spectrum, but of the 12 women on the board, the 3 full time staff and the 3 of us on a Service Canada program to help attract educated volunteers into community groups – there as Special Projects for the collective.

On the Third Floor was the Christan Anti-Abortion group “Birthright”.

Understanding Conservative Speak

The 1990s, was when the American Christian  “Focus on the Family” began operating in Canada.

Speaking Truth to Power

It’s like in the 1960s, when American University Agitators try to create the same riots in Canada as they stirred up in the states, only they showed up and caused the problem and then left for the airport.

Queer Community News – Canada eh

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