ElvisWorld: Sun Studios vs Memphis Recording Service

Sam Phillips ran a number of businesses at the same time that interconnected and he operated out of his building.

This is Sam Phillip’s promo picture of The Genus Producer in action.

I remember reading “something” back in the 1980s about the shift from analog to digital in tech research

the suggestion that the Sun Tapes in their full should be scanned to lift up all that Sam Phillips re-used and recorded over…….

to get into what is recoverable from the Elvis recording the tape run through the first time

so, 20 years later and the bootlegging of Sun, RCA, Radio and TV…

has anyone gotten their paws on those tapes to do that?

find out what, if anything, exists, even in scraps and snippet form of unknown songs and other runs throughs…?




Let me Explain something to All Elvis Fans of every single year.

I walked through Sun Studios in 1987.

I stood on every single title of that floor that Elvis stood on.

This is a post of an Elvis Internet Era Fan.

Elvis fan Ulf Bender of Germany poses with a microphone that Elvis used at Sun Studios

Elvis fan Ulf Bender poses with an Elvis microphone at Sun Studios

When I was there, the Studio Owners were Embarrassed that Elvis was why people came.

they had a crappy glass and metal cabinet that the sold a cassette tape of one time that Dewey Phillips played Elvis on the radio. You could walk in off the street to buy one and pay a small fee to get a tour inside the studio – I was there on a Tourpackage of the Hourly Scheduled tours.

I have a copy of that tape with a Sun Records receipt. I know I still have the tape, I probably tossed the slip, it’s a Sun Records cassette

I have only played it once and I have safe stored it ever since.

It is only this year that I have found a copy of that 1987 Sun Cassette on youtube in 2016.


Sam Phillips of Sun Studios with his Sun Records Star and then the next year with RCA recording star Elvis Presley

back to 1987:
when I was there, the Owner of Sun made fun of us for wanting to stand on the spot Elvis stood for the sale of Elvis to RCA where his Mother Kissed him.

Photo: Photo
He said “You all can take your pictures under the portrait while I go to get you a real treat – and he played us the tape so they could sell the only thing they could.

he left the room and 6 Canadians – a Middle Aged Married Couple from Back East who were named Lorne and Linda

and a Middle Aged Married Couple from the middle of our country Canada, John and Joan.

from the tour group that I was in.

With my Blind Aunt who was in her mid 30s and me who was 19.

plus 4 other American adult tourists.

Our Tour Guide, stood there, with her mouth open.

The only thing that made the Canadians stay calm was that we knew, we were going around back to Sam Phillip’s office.


I said “There is not a tile in this entire building that Elvis Presley did not step on, sweat on or sing on. We are all already standing where he stood”

I am not a professional photographer, but by my camera, I will take the best photo of anyone with your own camera.


and I just had to share it, to let people know

that being in a place and how fun it is, really depends on the tone the operators set.

I am now 48 years old and we were not allowed to cross velvet ropes in 1987.

Graceland Cost $5.25 to walk through it and there were tour guides who worked in terror of Elvis’ Aunt Delta.

so there were reasons why it took as long as it did for EPE to get things organized inside.

Sun Studios in 1987 was a sidewalk business, Popular Records where Elvis hung out as a teen was still operating.

The highway was named for him, but it was a while before Heritage Designation was bestowed upon Elvis.


In the 1980s, America’s Post Office issued the infamous stamp, while their Federal Parks Department removed the Elvis Plaque from the USS Arizona Memorial which wouldn’t have existed without his Benefit Concert.

anyways – Elvis is everywhere, Elvis is everything

Elvis is in everybody, Elvis is still the King.

Before Elvis, no one had heard of being a rock star.

Now everyone wants to be one.

He got to touch an Elvis relic that I only got to gaze upon.

ah well, good for him! at least he shared the experience, eh?

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