Canada’s Prairie Fire 2016

the fire began in Alberta and has destroyed much

the fire has reached Saskatchewan


People have lost homes, businesses and pets


Canada’s response provincially and Federally has been unprepared


While some people are trying to go into the destruction and disaster zone to rescue pets


the officials are arresting people for becoming a hazard to themselves


many canadians and small businesses are gathering goods, often used, often no longer useable and sometimes new things that are not what is needed now, but later


the political photo ops have begun


Canadians are disaster displaced within Canada

we do not need government policy based on prayer or in the belief that these thing occur because of what people do with their genitals


we need proactive government to put better infrastruture into place, better inter-agency co-operation and a system of co-ordination with official charities and allowing people to connect into that


not well intentioned people doing “something” that turns into warehouse storage and eventual hand over to thrift stores or landfills.


this is a very excellent time to say – good thing there was not a huge pipeline of oil or other inflambles…


this is a good time to say that Industry can’t privatize profits and socialize costs

this is a good time to say that Governments have to protect the environment and the people and not the corporations

Emergencies: Preparation includes Business Resumption

Building Codes vs Emergency Preparedness



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