Elvis World: Dewey Phillips

Dewey Phillips was a Memphis DJ.


Dewey Phillips was given a 1 sided disc by Sam Phillips of Sun Records – the 2 men are not related in the family sense, but they both gave birth to Elvis Presley’s radio rise.

listners’s flipped, Elvis was rushed from the movie theatre to the radio station for his first interview

“I go to Humes High” the words, the meaning “I’m white”


ROTC – Humes High School Yearbook



Phillips talked to Elvis and then he asked, when we doing the interview “Already Done.”

Elvis had to come up with a second side now, prove that he actually had at least a single in him.

Elvis didn’t get famous the right way, he got famous the talent way. Elvis Presley ended the LA/NY establishment path to fame. The Northern Industry Establishment Dues Paying.


When Elvis got famous, he brought Hollywood to Memphis, sharing in the Celebrity and spreading the stardust.


1950s Elvis Gak!

Lipstick in Elvis loving colours and skirts!

 I was chatting with an 80 year old white man who lives in Tupelo, Mississippi – he knew Elvis when.
He posted that he was at the barbershop and he sat in silence as he got his trim and shave – because the other patrons and the barber were all being openly racist.
He was greatly by how saddened how little anything changed, even after everything Elvis stood for.
I replied that not everything was the same, he wasn’t one of them.
His not joining in and silently disagreeing was something.
But most of all, that his sharing that story, that’s the change.
some minds got bigger while others stayed small.
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