DTWOF vs Hothead Paisan

For a long time, the lesbian community was found in magazines and newspapers by and for the community in the bigger cities.

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translations for the international queer press: america to the rest of the world, queer edition


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the community of individuals, paired up and friend-ed, a network of women at work, rest and play…dating, mating and creating families

sequelcover unnatural-dykes-to-watch-out-for

From the Inner City to the Suburbs, Lesbians and Dykes in Heteroburbia

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Dyke to Watch out For – the Second Printing Covers, offering another fan view…



From first and usually only printing, into a second printing, hardcovers and re-issues…


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followed in The Advocate, Washing Blade, Angles or other Women’s publications or buy the bi-yearly collected works under their original covers?

Astonishingly, in the late 90s, Bechdel turned down an offer of national newspaper syndication.

It was around the time Calvin and Hobbes creator was fighting to not commericalize his strip. Artistic integrity and the compromises of speaking to the mainsteam vs niche market.

9780544002234  fun home

then, to the margins of the community…from monthly zine to anthologies and softcover collections



Hothead and her sidekick Chicken the Zen Cat

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Zines and Self Publication, Distributions, Collections, Calendars and Post Cards and T-Shirts!

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Collected strips or collected strips







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