PFLAG Watch: Dolly Parton

Country and Western Icon Dolly Parton has not joined the celebrity boycott of North Carolina, USA.

Dolly Parton is one of those “I’m not a feminist, I’m Southern” Formidable Southern Bells.

9 to 5 movie poster

Parton is a long time community ally, both as a Drag Persona, and her embracing of her queer fan base.

Parton is Glittery Trash Pride Personified and why she is a woman who informs Drag Ferocity.

Dolly Parton is an international celebrity who began in a Singing Duo and then she Soloed, from radio to Movies and world tours. She is also one of the most prolific songwriters going, and was one of the few who could afford to say no when Elvis Presley wanted 50% of her song.

Anyway, Dolly Parton is entitled to her brand and she remains a fave of mine as a celebrity.

People I like don’t have to be like me, and Parton has proven herself to be a friend of most people and a PFLAGer more than a Tourist seeking out queer cred.

Dixie-Chicks-EW-COver Shut_up_and_sing_postertexasmonthly

Apparently, all those fears that knowing that there was other kinds of people, did make being a heterosexual conformist not desirable, something that religions need reminding every generation, hate brings together mobs but it’s not a basis for a community.

Food Secuirty 2blue collar comedy_

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