Republican Party Trumped

The Republican Party Establishment has collapsed under the pressure of it’s base.

Trump proved the power of the mob mentality.


In Canada, Brian Mulrooney brought NAFTA and ended the Canadian conservative Party – the Progressive Conservatives.

Preston Manning’s Alberta based Reform Party did the rest.


In America, the Libertarians are the fiscal conservatives who don’t care if married gays protect their marijuana with guns. While the republicans are confused that the 1950s really are over and they lost.

The Beatles did prove more powerful than Jesus and secular public society began when integration did.

America’s moment of true global greatness was ending the age of the Empires and the first colonial nation to rise to the world stage and from the League of Nations to the United Nations – America needs to do a self stock and bring itself up to the rest of the G20 nations.

New Countries Favor Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, US ……/24184/


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3 Responses to Republican Party Trumped

  1. swordwhale says:

    Reblogged this on swordwhale and commented:
    Republicans confused that the 50s are over and they lost…


  2. swordwhale says:

    The best line there is “proved the power of the mob mentality”. While I differ on spiritual ideas, I am ROFLMAOing and cheering for “the republicans are confused that the 1950s really are over and they lost.” Making ‘murica great again, like it was when we had slavery, child labor, no women’s rights, 182 hour work weeks, no minimum wage, no social security…

    Better build a wall, a whole bunch of us are moving to Canada if we get Trumped…

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    • dykewriter says:

      Canada might trigger NAFTA and get Mexico to build one… apparently our construction workers are waiting to build a national pipe bomb system instead of infrastructure to the reserves….

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