Apologies for Not Posting

Dykewriter: Today’s post intentionally left blank


Dear Readers,

I have been a bit distracted by a Google + Humanism group that I joined to promote this blog, as well as develop posts for it.

I’ve been posting in it for a few days and have done around 100 posts and has just over 4,000 members.

It is actively moderator, but not one person has argued with me over:

  • that I posted a thing
  • that some people may be offended by the posted thing
  • that people are angry that their entitlement to their opinion is shattered by that other people exist with other viewpoints
  • Zero Sum circle jerks of a dom/sub communication system, binary either/or, with or against.


No one is commenting agreement either.




The world is unfair because people make it that way.

it makes it difficult to address issues when there is no way to talk about them.

There is more of this woman alive now that everyone else all together alive now and most people have no clue who she is or why she is critically important to the human existence.


When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder
I didn’t have children because I was always being threatened by people who bullied me that they would ensure their children bullied any child I had.

Canada is a get alonger people, but Americans often move north and then pretend to be Canadian Activists.

Even during the 1960s, Canadian Universities had nothing to riot over, the American agitators would come here, get people riled up and then head out to the airport before the “trouble started”… but the Canadian students settled down and instead of damage, they got their issues addressed – the last of the Dress Codes ended and women got to wear pants to university and all the way down to grade school.

in the 1990s, Focus on the Family moved north to support Canadian Conservative Political parties from the federal to the school board levels.

Kari Simpson is one american who cost the Surrey City Public School board over $10 million dollars in legal costs to keep a book out of the school library, that no kid would have even known existed. All the way through the Human Rights to the Supreme Court of Canada. Best Publicity the book “Heather has two mommies” ever got.
Not so great for tax payers, not all of whom have children but pay into the system to make sure that the children get taught somewhere to work and play well with others, you know, so that we stop repeating history and wrong doings and prejudice, fear and loathing.
Property Owners and Drivers pay the most and get back the least.


Three Days and all it took was Tom Lehrer…. contact.
laters blogosphere
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