Turkey jails two journalists for republishing Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Religious Values have no meaning or force outside of those who are members.

Prince, the rock star, died because of his religious objection to medical treatment and died of exhaustion and drugs.


Why Evolution Is True

Under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is becoming increasingly Islamist, increasingly oppressive, and increasingly regressive (are those all synonyms)? This once vibrant and largely secular country is now an oligarchy, and it’s forbidden to criticize both Islam and Erdogan. According to the Associated Press, there are nearly 2,000 court cases open in which people have been indicted for insulting the President. Some democracy!

The latest antic of this censorious government, however, is especially vile. Two journalists working for the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet have each been sentence to two years in prison (actually three, but reduced to two on technical grounds) for illustrating their columns with a Charlie Hebdo cartoon. Here are the courageous writers, Hikmet Cetinkaya (left) and Ceyda Karan (R):


Here’s the familiar cartoon that accompanied their columns:


Because of this cartoon, they were, as the AP reports, “acquitted of “insulting religious values” but convicted on charges of…

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