Canada and Parenting in Court

While America is beginning to finally prosecute parents who use religion instead of medical treatment for their children, Canada is including other non-reality based thinking.

2 parents convicted of their child’s death owing to lack of medical diagnosis because they went to a naturopath who told them to see a doctor.

These are not people who should be parenting and when children die in the care of the parents, there is a compelling social and government interest.

religion and beliefs do not put anyone above the law, and while motivation is a factor, outcome is what matters most – and how they responded afterwards.

This letter from the father to the jury indicates a serious lack of insight into his behaviors and that he is focusing on his rights, over the child’s interest is telling.

Life matters after birth, not between conception and that event.

Perhaps it’s time for parenting to also be licensed and we need to look at public schools why these parents were not socially responsible or capable.

David Stephan warns conviction in son’s meningitis death sets ‘dangerous precedent’ in letter to jury:

“I only wish that you could’ve seen how you were being played by the Crown’s deception, drama and trickery that not only led to our key witnesses being muzzled, but has also now led to a dangerous precedent being set in Canada,” Stephan wrote Wednesday.

“The floodgates have now been opened and if we do not fall in line with parenting as seen fit by the government, we all stand in risk of criminal prosecution.

“May heaven help us all!”



Battle over transgender child’s puberty-blocking drug ends up in court
Battle over transgender child's puberty-blocking drug ends up in court
In other “Think of the Children” news:
Police warn parents of predators targeting kids on popular Kik Messenger app
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