Asra Nomani discusses the eternal issue of the hijab this Saturday in Chicago

In Canada, the ontario law has banned sharia law as not being on par with other religion’s counselling and is in fact, a violation of the Canada Charter of rights.

however, in Quebec, they have put into provincial legislation – France’s ban on religious garb.

it was in fact, why the left federal party, the NDP lost votes by being pro-burka – they also did a weird conservative fear campaign that mimicked the “coming storm” anti-gay advertising of the republican party in the USA>

Canadian Conservatives are against the burka and oddly promote that as being pro-women

while the liberals assert the choice and

no one talks about how real a choice is in closed communities

and religion is against the Canadian charter of rights

because we put gender equality above all other laws and one religion is not permitted into our laws, religion historically loses in human rights as a defense for demeaning the person plaintiff.

Why Evolution Is True

I’m an admirer of the work of Asra Nomani, a journalist, cofounder of The Muslim Reform Movement, and author of Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of IslamI’ve posted about her before; she’s a genuine believing Muslim and so, unlike Ayaan Hirsi Ali—who’s dismissed partly, and unfairly, because she left Islam—Nomani’s efforts to expunge the extremism and misogyny from Islam can’t be rejected on the grounds that she’s not a believer. (See her nice interview with Bill Maher here.)

Nevertheless, she’s had pushback. Her article in last December’s Washington Post with former Voice of America journalist Hala Arafa, “As Muslim women, we actually ask you not to wear the hijab as a sign of interfaith solidarity,” apparently led to a fair amount of online debate (see here)—and to the expected online abuse of Nomani. Here’s a bit of Nomani and Arafa’s Post

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