CultureWatch: Kelowna and The Ogo Pogo

The Ogo Pogo is a mythical lake monster that dates back to the first settlers in Canada, rather than being invented in the modern era as was The Loch Ness Monster.

By “first settlers” I mean the Indigenous People of Canada, not the later European Squatters.

The City of Kelowna has identified the Ogo Pogo as a Tourism Attraction and is now considering updating it’s image – something more Winery and Agriculturey.. is what they “are known for”.


Which, I think it’s really funny that Kelowna or any Canadian City other than the Big Three: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver think that they are “known for” anything outside of their region.

Canada is a small town nation that is on the verge of European Tourism as one of the few safe countries with scenery and not very much shooting at people.

I remember an attempt by a film company to make a movie based on the legend, and they were filming it in Australia or New Zealand, their scenery standing in for Canada and their aboriginals being cast as North American Indigenous – and it was going well until someone asked about the group to whom the myth belongs.

Which is not the City of Kelowna – that is cultural co-opting and exploitation without benefit to the owners of the myth, and now, dropping it becomes equally discriminatory because of Idle No More and cultural inclusion in mainstream Canadian society.

Which is why, copyright is about distribution and physical objects and not something that can merely be repeated.

Legend of Ogopogo in the Okanagan Valley | Tourism Kelowna

Read about the legend of Ogopogo, a fierce lake monster who resides at Squally Point and has inconclusively been spotted throughout the lake for centuries.

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