Compensating for History

Every nation caters to the majority, but not every nation genocides or ghettoizes the minorities. Most, but not all.

Every now and then, attempts are made to encourage people to get over themselves and work and play well together.

To correct and address the historic wrongs and attempt to not repeat them.


In America, this took the form of Affirmative Action while in Canada, Employment Equity.

This meant, changes in hiring practices, university entrances and attempts to eliminate the needless barriers to inclusion that is directly related to religion.

It was not meant to have to continue to be co-ordinated, because people were supposed to start actually working and playing together.

instead, it created more social frictions, and today, those who most do not want to work and play well, complain about “political correctness”

do not be “correct” for political reasons, it’s why there is zero respect for politics.

It is an issue of mental health that so many people are bothered by that other people exist.


the other matter is that these apparent corrections are only on the surface.

in Visible Minority and Aboriginal and Differently abled, it is the men at the table, while the women make the coffee, while in the women group, it breaks out into white women at the table and non-white women making coffee.

Also, you only get to pick one demographic.


That said, it has only ever been queers – gay men and lesbians, who are more visible in the mainstream that there was actual laws in Canada denying us rights and employment and inclusion in government.

Bisexuals, remain invisible as they can disappear into the mainstream – and transgendered MtF is more visible than FtM.


government recognition and apologies only go so far and that is were most truth and reconciliation ends


it is cheaper to no discriminate than to make restitution later

end the social war on peoples

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