Republicans vs Trump

The Republican Party is supposed to decide who is their nominee by the party’s vote and then the party finds out if their candidate can get their base side out to vote and to sway those who are swayable.


Donald Trump is the one “the people” seem to be wanting to lead the party – but into possible oblivion.

Despite already accepting endorsements from other also rans, like Christie and Rubio, Trump has indicated that he will be off golfing if he doesn’t get the nod, not seeking to have an administrative role in government.

Trump has no government experience in fact nor any experience in making decisions for the greater or common good.


The Republican Party has long complained about government and they have certainly demonstrated what is wrong about politics.


With the unexpected death of a Supreme Court Justice, the current president should be filling the vacancy and the US court will not have a conservative majority.


It is time to talk about the big issues in the elephant arena


Conservatives only like Conservatives, but not all Conservatives are equally Caucasian, so there is an acceptance order of white to offwhite and so on.


Liberals are white people who want to get along with people, but most non-Caucasians are generally, conservative and don’t really care for liberals, but do not fit the conservative ideal


The right wing is not as homogeneous as believed and the left wing is too consumed with playing more oppressed than thou.


In any event, the publicized efforts to now co-ordinate the Cruz and the Kasich Campaigns, certainly shows that the party machinery is out of since with the grassroots.


and how much the grassroots is out of sync with reality… voting for those who impoverish you in hopes of winning the lottery and becoming one, ….


Once starts to see the sense in figurehead monarchies, and career politicians who think beyond the generation, never mind a mere election cycle.


How does smaller government regulate uterus’ but not corporations?


America is the only G20 nation where women do not have equality.


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2 Responses to Republicans vs Trump

  1. swordwhale says:

    well said. Esp the bit about regulating uteruses… Alan Cumming (Scottish actor I quite admire) said something like ‘if tiny little Scotland can do universal health care and free higher education, why can’t America?’ ….uh, because there’s too many people literally invested in the status quo (as in making too much money to change things for the betterment of all). carry on!


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