Iran recruits 7,000 undercover morality police to ensure that women are properly covered

I am starting to agree with Quebec’s burka ban and France’s ban on overt religious garb.

I don;t know how anyone can claim women chose religious oppression when their only option is being killed.

I am glad I grew up in post 1970s Canada, the last decade there were social rules about women’s clothing.

meanwhile, suspected athiests are still being killed

nothing ever changes in religion

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a question: if the veiling of women or forcing them into cloth sacks in countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan was purely voluntary, why do those countries need “morality police” to ensure that women obey those religious dictates? If they all did it willingly, you wouldn’t need police!

Here, for instance, is a Morality Policeman in Afghanistan beating a women who didn’t cover her head properly:

Taliban_beating_woman_in_public_RAWA More details Kabul, 2001, image obtained by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan showing a religious policing member responsible for promotion of virtue and prevention of vice enforcing Sharia rules on a woman for removing in public her burqa headpiece.

The Morality Police enforce things other than dress, of course: you get punished, or taken away, if you engage in homosexual behavior, eat the wrong things, like pork, or leave your store open during prayer hours. Things can get quite serious, as…

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