Inter-Faithing Religions

From the Mythical and 1990s Fictional Hercules to Xena Warrior Princess…

The blurred period of time when religions began to contact each other…

Some time ago, I did a Season by Season review of the show from the perspective that the show was 1990’s subversion and this was one of the first shows that made 2 women the lead.

X-Files had Scully with Mulder

Buffy had sidekick Willow advance from boys to werewolves to women wiccans then women slayers.

the UK would have Queer as Folk about gay men and The L-Word, Queer as Folk America edition (filmed in canada), while the UK had Metrosexuality.

but before Will and Grace – there was Xena and Gabrielle!

(also please note – I am a 48 Gen X Canadian lesbian who is gay divorced. 🙂 )

Season One: resolving to not Villian anymore, Xena takes up the sword for justice and a cute blonde sidekick villager.

It was all there in the pilot and the series soon settled into shows about men vying to lure Xena or Gabby away. as if….

Xena and Gabrielle kick ass around the known world and the meta genre episodes really expanded the character ranges and the roles they took on… as Gabby became the Bard with the Biceps and was clearly meant to be Queen of the Amazons.


Atonement, redemption, this was a dreary lesbian sex death bed season. still they died without each other and so their life forces entangled – never being quite down with each other on that level of Classical Greece.

they learn through exploration of religions, afterlifes beign anchored to the cultures and geography….


The motherhood cycle – Gabby’s Hope, born of an evil god, Solan, lost – Xena now gives life to daughter, Callisto – co-parented by Gabrielle….

offspring being born into of destiny, custuom, pre-determined roles, – conventions, as if…


The end of the Classical Era and the pantheons of men!

by the final season, Xena and Gabby had altered the balance within India’s Hindu Celestial Deities, slain the Pantheons of the meditraneon and given the existential Viking gods something to consider as Christianity took over the lands….

Xena and Gabby, once the Mother of Peace and a Prince of Defence, then, a modern day woo hoaxer with the modern body mix up – maleness never to stand between Xena and Gabby.


Instead of ruling the amazons with Queen Gabrielle, Xena couldn’t not be the butch.

They end up in China – where Xena dies to restore 10,000s of souls and Gabby goes to Egypt – Xena already reborn in India and Gabby the warrior way to determine for herself.


while, in the modern era, Aries returns to claim Xena, only to end up switching Xena out of Joxer so things worked out for gabby.

oh those butches and femmes


Kevin Sorbo: From Greek God to Godbot

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