Bard Archetypes: Shakespeare

Shakespeare was born to a glove maker business man father, and for a short time, he left home to be an actor in the theatre. Eventually, he wrote for hire – poems and plays and invested in theatre.

shakespear statue

There has long  been debate over whether he wrote the materials, certainly his will did not include objects one would have associated with writers of the time.

Wisdom from the Great Bard

People confuse writing from experience and writing from knowledge – and rarely realize that there are more Shakespearian Poetic References turned cliches than what is quoted from The Bible, various versions and once the record holder for most published work. (Defeated in the Modern era by the Ikea Catalog).

Mallory, Raighleigh and other scallywag suspects who adventured and played around politics and died in unfortunate circumstances – stories and tales and known history.

Hearing a sentence vs Reading one

Shakespeare the Great Bard or just a successful businessman actor who fronted for someone else? Francis Bacon or the Earl of Essex De Veer or did Christopher Marlowe faked his death…fun coffee shop over pie talk eh?

Shakespeare authorship question – Wikipedia,

if you are only going to read one book, make it one of the versions of THIS ONE

After all, Richard the 3rd turned out to be a hunchback in fact – part of the invisible history of differently abled….the myths of leadership eh….

1318904-absinthe  Absinthe-glass Edgar_Allan_Poe_daguerreotype_crop

the popular image of a creative writer is tormented and mentally distressed and addicted to something – and Shakespeare, what we know we know and what we know of him that we know was created later, lived a business man’s life – he lived to tell and learned to tell it well.

1363824679345 elvis 77

If he lived in the modern era, he’d have written commercial jingles and maybe children’s books – they are the most lucrative markets.

shakespear portrait

There’s No Business Like Show

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