MusicWorld: Prince dead at 57

Prince, one of the most controversial figures in modern music died rather unexpected at home, following a very brief hospital stay for flu symptoms after a concert one week ago.

The Purple Reigned in the 1980s, the decade of Gender Gending and Gender Fuck.

Vocally, he took Buddy Holly’s hiccup stammer stutter to the electro extremes.

Performance wise, Prince was high theatre on stage, Madonna and others with music video, and tv dance shows and hip dancers inbetween comedy skits.

Prince, unlike Little Richard before him, found religion, sex and music in more harmony, using more suggestion and allusion with illusion, artists literacy and license:

Buddy Holly Box set 1874497b5c2c04e8df207f276caf36983418456134189-284

Prince disputed his record label and altered his name from “Prince”, to “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” and re-recorded his catalog under a new label, and then the symbol of the trangendered movement a combined male and female symbol. I am fairly sure that in the name context the symbol was pronounced “Gimmick” or maybe “legalworkaround” – I recall he was married to a woman who pointed to the symbol on him instead of saying the name of her new spouse.

Funny how much one gets to learn about celebs you aren’t interested, mostly owing to tabloids at grocery lines.

In any event, Prince was a man in touch with and comfortable with his feminine side, his sexuality and his impact is greater than the music and the concerts and movies, but also in the work he did with and for other artists.



Olivia Newton-John’s reinvention from long haired country girl to leather clad rocker having sex in the gym like a queen, let’s get physical indeed. the 1980s was on, until AIDs freaked everyone out.


the 1970s Glam Glitter Disco was hets acting like gay men, and the 1980s were for homosexuals as the 1950s was for heteros – public sex or rather, public sexuality.

eurythmics-in-the-garden-195174 Eurythmics_MissionaryMan

Queen, David Bowie, Roxie, Glam Glitter Punk, Heavy metal leather and spandex, hyper male is ultimately gay, while hyper femme appears to be drag queens.


women rarely get to represent themselves sexually.

Prince was behind Cyndi Lauper and Sheena Easton and he promoted an astonishing array of female proteges.  madonna is another of the reinvention terror of become compressed parody as Elvis did. the 1980s was an unkind decade to the King.


She-Bop, Strut, Sugar Walls, I am unsure many women could have written out female sexuality or desire as well as Prince Did.

1984: Was a Warning, not a Manual


I was never a fan of his music, I found it fussy too repetitive and over produced.

However, I respect him in many ways as an artist, his introvert inside out extrovert was a fascinating study of artist persona in the Post Elvis age and in may ways – Prince’s foil was Micheal Jackson – another who made his life into performance art.

Big-Country-The-Greatest-Hits-282473Olivia Newton-John Physical8712273051215

Elvisworld: Gender and Jenner

Jackson had confessed to former wife, Lisa Marie Presley that he feared dying as Elvis did.

Apparently he only meant the alone on the floor part, not the death by drugs. Using surgical grade drugs certainly created a new bar for celebrity doctor shopping.

Public and Private Toilets

Elvis Presley once spent a week in an induced coma in Las Vegas in an attempt to loose weight, apparently, Elvis the Pelvis didn’t get enough physical activity compared to food intake.

Musicworld: analog vs digital

4886e4ae56f4f4ea3db5f82ba96125deFree air guitars

The 80s as to the 50s

it is very difficult when a celebrity dies that takes part of your youth away in a deeper way that realizing that your youth music is on the Oldies Classic Golden Radio stations.

Musical Feats: Chart Deaths

Under pressurebowie and mercury

Music from audio to video: RTI


Musicworld: analog vs digital

I'm_Ready_Natalie_Cole_Album_CoverRecorded Sound

80s music: Therapy You can dance to

80: Pop went Big hair and Shoulder Pads, suits and fashion were in – Grunge would happen in the 1990s, except Bryan Adams…..

Noise, Sound and Music


Music videos became important and were played in major clubs, and specialty channels and video killed the radio star.

Diva Down: The Marketing Gimmick and the Art of the Repackage

Artists and Branding, image control and management, marketing and manipulations.

80s Music Therapy: Frankie Says RELAX


Airband started before the 1980s

Music and design plus fashion.

Copyright: Words vs Music


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The UK-OFF: The Beatles Blowback 80s edition

springsteen-no-number-one-2 jon Bon Jovi  John COugar Mellancamp

RnR: Elvis and Little Richard

The range of masculinity, long hair, short hair, adornments, too much and ya sub culture slip.


ZAing The 80s


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MuchMusic MTV-Logo.svg

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Victor Victoria5b7223254a5fbaa0ca9020ee7c474234

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Buddy Holly opened for Elvis


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Playing Musical Queers

Buddy Raves On

80s Punkploitation Flicks: RepoMan

1c3a347c876ae01adbca2410d6e816f7 elvis-and-me-movie-poster-1988-1020244619 tumblr_m9djbiCZIS1rtjyfj

the 1980s

80s Rocksploitation: La Bamba

menatworksuperhits 298041257 RickSpringfield

Symbols of Authority: Hobby or Fetish

1980s Retro Pinback Button Lesbian Gay Pride Amusing “dip me in honey & throw me to the lesbians” pinback button

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