When I’m 74: Paul in Vancouver 2016

Paul McCartney, solo artist and leader of Paul McCartney and Wings in the 1970s and The Cute One in the British Boy Band The Beatles. Paul is on half of The Beatles writer duo Lennon and McCartney, of the Fab Four, he was The Cute One – and he and Ringo, the second drummer who replaced Pete Best – are the last living members.

prv082899robinson01--SEEEMMA POOLE STORY FOR CITY-- Aug. 28,1999 -- North Vancouver, B.C. -- Sunday is Red Robinson Day at the Pne. Robinson introduced the Beatles in 1964 and Elvis in 1957 at Empire Stadium. LES BAZSO/PROVINCE [PNG Merlin Archive]rockbound by Red Robinson

The Beatles played Vancouver in 1964, it’s the only concert my Mom ever attended, and my Aunt Diane is in the official audience photo.

This is the official Vancouver audience photo of The Beatles 1964. The woman that I am pointing to is my Auntie Diane. My Mom was just outside of the frame. But there is video of her screaming "I love you Paul" I saw it on the 80s video show Good Rocking tonight

Lennon told Vancouver DJ Red Robinson to F/Off the stage when he tried to calm down the crowd that the band was egging into a riot.

beatle talk frontBeatles Vancovuer 1964 beatle talk back

Last night, Sir Paul McCartney, played with Canadian performer Diana Krall, she is from BC and is married to Elvis Costello. Another Brit who impersonated Elvis.

9c1f4eed8ea0c7811d2f6ac2e865d887The Beatles

Rock Star: Concerts vs Event Concerts

Most oddly, was the local Delta Police Bagpipe Band – added a bit of Highland to the mix.

Concerts: Bra Toss is Tradition

In other Vancouver Rock n Roll News, Snoop Dog and the 4/20 Festival and there’s a second McCartney concert tonight.


Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth who turns 90 years old. Long Live the Queen to bypass Charles, the eternal king in waiting, for King William, but let’s not pay for figurehead reproduction in the former colonies, sentiment and tradition is one thing, but government dollars for pomp and circumstance when homeless, veterans and refugees oh my

The Beatles: honed in Hamburg

elvis-beatles-1965The Beatles: Paul John Pete and George: they played many covers of rock and roll songs and were influenced by Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins and of course Elvis.

When The Beatles met Elvis

39 40

The Beatles vs Jesus and India

As it turns out, Paul McCartney was also the Social Justice environmental and vegetarian one. It was at his instance that The Beatles played to non-segregated audiences.


Lennon’s famous Jesus crack has paled in comparison to his xenophobic world view, second wife notwithstanding…

The Beatles Images

The Beatles Yestday and TodayPaul-Is-Dead

The Beatles:…


The Beatles Blow Back: Bee Gees

Bee Gees BeatleseThe Last Temptation of Elvis

Elvis at Empire Stadium – Our Daily Elvis


The UK-OFF: The Beatles Blowback 80s edition


Beatles BlowBack: Duran Duran v. INXS

Beatles Live Aid Reunionjohn-lennon-low-res-coverTHanks Kanye

the reunion that never happened, mega bands were replaced by mega concert festival events that created a lot of sounds and generated a lot of garbage and environmental impact, as all the Rock Stars arrived on their own private planes, one doing so during the show to be able to have a bragging right, that only served to underscore that excess is the problem – and moderation is always the solution. nothing to dilute there. pointed pointy point.

Beatle Beats: Yoko Ono Hospitalized

20121124-145340war is over

Rock Star has entered the Occupational Health and Saftey Labour statistics, and being famous has become an occupational hazard.

The lesson of the 27 Club being don’t live to be a middle aged parody of one’s self, as Elvis became – Elvis didn’t live to Old Age – that would have been 60. Elvis died in middle Age.

The Who, another 1960s Band lived to be older than the G – G -Generation they complained about, eh?

Imagine no gun deathsMojo Party

Paul McCartney was recently deemed not famous enough to walk into any Oscar after party, and has been in the major papers on the business matter of getting back The Beatles copyright from Sony who absorbed the Micheal Jackson investments, famously made on Paul’s advice.

At the time, Paul was buying up Buddy Holly, when Jackson went behind his pal’s back and bought The Beatles catalog.

This is why Elvis took part of the song credit and didn’t write, a more usual practice in an industry with performer and writers as separate people. Elvis Presley invested poorly and was contractually required to do the lowest common denominator formula stuff from singles to movies – Presley never was an album artist and RCA was astonishing lazy, content to use Elvis as an ATM, marketing him only to the girl fans and not a mixed gender audience, that authenticy he craved. From a business POV, Elvis was the highest earning singer and actor ever. Quantity over Quality and it killed him.

Let’s be honest, only Hard Day’s Night was a clever mockumentary, the rest of The Beatles movies are not really watchable.

You control the artistic content or you manage the business of performing the content.



Presley Pictures: Star and then Starring Vehicles: Film to Flicks 101

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