Snoop Dog vs Vancouver

Ecstasy pills OK’d for Vancouver PTSD-treatment trial ……/ecstasy-pills-ok-d-for-vancouver-ptsd-treatment-trial-1.1…

Apr 19, 2013 – The Canadian pilot has taken years to get off the ground and win … help a generation of Canadian soldiers who are battling PTSD after serving …

Elvis Presley Blvd OFF Bathroom Door

Ecstasy to be used in Canadian study into post-traumatic ……/canada/canada-approves-use-of-ecstasy-in-stud…

Dec 28, 2012 – ‘It opens your heart’: Canada approves use of ecstasy in study intopost-traumaticMDMA, PTSD and me: Recent drug trials bring up a past life researching … soldiers who served between 2001 and 2008 have PTSD: study …




Snoop Dogg To Vancouver: ‘Clean This S*** Up’ And Just ……/…

1 day ago – Marijuana aficionado Snoop Dogg was rolling down a Vancouver alley, filming … Vancouver has been providing safe injection sites and needle …


Snoop Dogg thinks Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside has some weeding out to do. In a video …



The 4/20 once a protest is now a festival in a strange status of not being legal, until next year for recreational use – but has been quasi-legal under Health Canada Guidelines.

Dispensaries vs Liquor Stores


Vancouver 4/20 event moving to Sunset Beach in 2016 – CBC…/vancouver420-2016-sunset-beach-1.3445189

Feb 11, 2016 – Organizers of Vancouver’s annual 4/20 celebration say they’re … Thecontroversial event began as a marijuana legalization protest with about …



Social Justice Memes


Health and Wellness Memes and Messages

11015521_1581934158690106_1982202968_n 1010307_551595441548676_850440250_n

Vancouver Police vs The City of Vancouver


Harper slams marijuana, climate change, anti-vaxxers, and science in general


Note to Self: Save the Downtown Eastside Petition

stimulants, depressants, energy…our brains a biochemical swamp of chemistry


Insights about Insite

cold, flu and allergy medications are bought in bulk and broken down into other recreational party drugs, chemical tweaks to stay ahead of legislation.


Marijuana and Margarittaville


Organic Vitality Naturalism


Edgar_Allan_Poe_daguerreotype_crop 1318904-absinthe

Marijunaville: Recreation, Spirituality and Industry


Katz Drugstore Launches Hillbilly Cat: Ironic or Iconic?

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