Agoraphobic Outing: Scottsdale Mall

Well, I tried to obtain a Blackberry device, but not being able to play with a device in the store makes it difficult.

Userability… international marketing gadgets means symbols over language, we return to hieroglyphics.


I am getting one as the techno crutch so no one in public knows I am socially disordered because no one makes eye contact anymore because who isn’t?

Social Integration – Individual Experience Varies Wildly

in the victim survivor parade, everyone gets a card, some, more than one, demographic poker, eh? hand that’s dealt-ya, everyone on a selfie float – who’s watching from the curb?

Global Issues: Immigration vs Refugees

Agoraphobic Outing Assessment

Time out: 10:30 to 11:30 – duration – within tolerance.

Location: Scottsdale Mall, Strawberry Hills, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Negs: farther away than the larger malls of Guildford or Surrey Central Place Skytrain Depot

which turn into the positives, since it’s a quieter, more empty mall with only 3 options in the food court, oversized sandwiches or 2 variations of Asian deep fried and breaded meats, noodles and veggies.

No overwhelming over fragrances overpriced yuppi-e-co marketing slave labour disguised as boutique products, no blaring digital sound passing for music in the analog sound hall of acoustical designed space, how sound not only peaks and falls, but also the breakaways as much as the fades, notes, plucked, strummed, rubbed or blown, percussion, rhyme and metre, reasoning resonating…


Mission accomplished: Blackberry purchased? No.

Will American Refugees Apply For Canadian Humanitarian Aid?

However, I am still calling the outing a success as there were no untoward events.

I got a salesperson, when I needed a customer service person.

UN Aid rape dependant

So – will try again later.

raw recovery specialist

dif pile same shit

CEO Crush: John Chen – Blackberry

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