Omen Seekers Ignore Signs

The problem of confirmation bias. The greatest harm that religion has done in the last 100 years is hamper public education in science literacy.

cognitive dissonancesaid and heard

The amount of data not released because it proves religion to be a cultural affection in moderation and mental illness beyond that.


How Do Monarch Butterflies Migrate?

Alien ‘Wow!’ Signal Could Soon be Explained

Melting sea ice forces polar bears to swim farther: study

water and airscience v religion women divide

why does religion persist?? social discrimination and shunning, fear of exclusion and mostly, fear of death. It is false comfort at best and flim flam snake oil selling cures for imaginary ills in reality – which is at worst.


Religion is money for nothing and your altar boys for free.

Abrahamic Pedophile Manualsdb7e8ffdcb7fe118337e944234c2e7b2

Palliative care improves quality of life, but patients link it with death

Most Peaceful nationsreligion-vs-science

Germ Theory, means it’s a framework to explain a range of observed phenomen. Stop praying and stop throwing virgins into volcanos. There are no gods to be mad or pleased with you.

Robertson Booga Booga10986915_10206502820233378_8058311594674874394_n

Protect yourself against hantavirus, province says

553303_10150918145401498_418220745_nScience vs religion

there is no magic dirt….

Bible Earth View5-atheism-quote

Jerusalem bus bomb wounds 16, Netanyahu hints at Palestinian link


no bordershard vs soft scienceScience-Vs-Religion_o_107775





Is pseudoarchaeology racist?

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