ElvisWorld: Above the Mortal Plane

Give Us This Day – April 17 – Our Daily Elvis!


Elvis and Gene Smith flew to Waco, Texas, while the band went by car.
Elvis performed at the Heart O’ Texas Coliseum, Waco –Elvis drove out on the field and up to the stage in his Cadillac. Read Guitarist Scotty Moore’s account
Later he told a local reporter the his fame “happened so fast, I’m scared. You know, I could go out like a light, just like I came on.”
Elvis and Gladys Family Scene With Anita 1958_august_17_gladys_grave
Elvis and Anita attended Easter service at the First Assembly of God Church but were forced to leave when their presence caused a disruption.
anita_wood_elvis_presley_3Anita Wood and Elvis
Nina notes: this is probably the last time Elvis ever attended a Church session, after this, Elvis got his religion from his own Bible readings to his inner circle and television. 
He would sometimes talk to certain MegaChurch Leaders of the Day, but was always wary that they all had their hands out for a check. Cheque. 
This was the last day of location shooting in Hawaii.
Elvis hosted a party at Graceland and ordered 80 Tasty Dogs and 115 Cokes.


Elvis performed at the T.H. Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Elvis spent 3 days rehearsing at RCA’s Studio C.
9f16c06da6a977b52770bf1d3566538aElvis tracks 2
Elvis purchased a Convair 880 jet from Delta for $250,000: The Lisa Marie.
Elvis aug 14 glady gravelast elvis
April 15, 1977, Elvis returns home from his Mother’s Grave and then leaves for the last dentist appointment.
Elvis Presley was known for his vehicles almost as much as himself: 2, 3 or 4 wheels, on land or in water and up into the air.
Back in the 1950s, Elvis toured by car and eventually started flying – and planes crash. Elvis was on a plane that recovered and his mother, Gladys made him promise to not fly – it certainly played a factor into which Military Branch Private Presley would serve in – ground troops was deemed the safest for the Most Expensive Private ever drafted.
Frank Sinatra had his own plane and famously built a helicopter pad so that President Kennedy could come to visit and when Frank got snubbed, he took a sledgehammer to the concrete, which really beats out shooting tvs.
Elvis and Priscilla borrowed Sinatra’s plane to complete their wedding planes, and eventually, he had a small fleet of three planes. One for himself, one for Col Parker and one for touring band. He would jet around America in his big plane or his small plane and famously his private pilot’s named was actually Milo High. He flew the famous Denver Run for the Fool’s Gold Peanut Butter and bacon on a french loaf.
Nina and Elvis on Beale St08GRACELAND1-master675
me in Memphis in 1987, I got to walk through the Lisa Marie and Graceland for $5.25 an adult admission ticket.
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