Buying a House in Vancouver

Anywhere in the GVRD: things to know:

Canadians are not less racist than Americans.

Canadians prefer to get along, so far as no one goes too far, while Americans are litigious – would rather self destruct than compromise, will spend more to make “a point” than any possible return gain from the expense.

So, when you are moving into a neighbourhood, do not expect to be able to buy a lot, tear down the existing structure and build a larger home than the skyline size of the block.

Neighbourhood densities vary and each municipality has it’s own by-laws and where and what size and the reason is not because of racism, it is partly about communities and last areas of greenery, historic value, as well as the nature of the land zoning of Industrial, Commerical, Residential Densities – and the disaster history of the region of knowing where it is safe to build what and where.

When you build on your lot, it is a plot in a larger plan which includes the drainage system – many of the street water grates are marked with yellow fish to indicate you may not dump anything down them, it is fish habitat. and we protect it.

What you do on your lot impacts the lots around you – and there is a difference between the etiquette of renters in a density dwelling and owners, ditto for single family dwellings vis a vis the owners vs renters.

Owners look out for each other’s property as much as their own, because it is never fences that make good neighbours, but communication that does.

so consider what you are trying to say to the people around you when you enter a new neighbourhood.

in 2008, North Van – the rain overloaded a hillside neighbourhood and someone had built a private swimming pool. it was that bit too much and the landslide destroyed houses and a family was drowned in liquefied dirt and debris.

Fatal North Vancouver landslide preventable: report – British ……/fatal-northvancouverlandslide-preventable-report-1.720…

Jul 25, 2008 – A landslide descended some 90 metres and swept two homes down an embankment in the District of North Vancouver on Jan. 19, 2005. (CBC).

So – the City of Surrey,  there is a very good reason – and it’s emergency preparedness –

1948 Fraser River Flood. in the 1980s, I lived in a house that had been under the water – when you went into the attic, you could see the water line by the colour change of the wood. It had been a 2 room shot gun house originally, and had been expanded. Farmer’s houses are always a bit under code, the best structers there are barns.

People need to stop encroaching on Agricultural Land – and build hobby farms and jump from private cars to private helicopters and add a whole other layer of noise and vibration over all the night shift and non-day workers, traffic commuters, and noise noise noise.

Have we reached Peak Ammosexuality Yet?

Surrey is having a Gun Fair where no ammo and the most boring of simulators was used to replace the fast draw — the so called “law abiding reasonable gun owners” cannot understand why, during a series of gang related public shootings, like it’s Chicago 1920s, when Tommy Guns, the forefunner to the AK-47 were spraying bystanders more than targets, people are concerned about what messages are sent, how and why.

BC Lower Mainland Bridges: For Whom the Bridge Tolled

“law abiding citizens” do not resist reasonable laws. When you complain about the legal users vs criminal users, all anyone hears is “yeehaw, I wanna shoot thangs” coming out of mouths flapping.

Regulatory access and controls, if you think it’s unreasonable to wait to own a gun, then that’s the clue right there that there’s a problem.

Instead of the fast draw contests with the big bang and smoke, that body shock of recoil, talking about the guns is not any fun.

Gee, now you know why marriage vs civil union was a Thing. A knee Jerk thing.

Anyway, why wasn’t this single event coupled with a video game trade fair with all kinds of playerable of exciting action and all the same adrenal rushes – especially with a 3D things to fight against the Best of the West Law vs Outlaws?

Because the organizers would rather have a low profit year and get to sulk and whine and pass along a “guns are tools of hunters and farmers” dying culture meme when the only thing people should be shooting wildlife with is cameras. we cannot afforded to further mess up the natural balance of predators and prey animals by removing the best of their stock and destroying the habitat at the same time.

Beware the Conservation Groups who are for preserving habitat so that they can continue hunting and leaving heavy and other metals and chemicals to distrupt water ecosystems.

Remember “acid rain” the 1970s pollution problem? it was the Canadian Regulations of Industry that proved it was – and it was easily and cheaply fixed with industrial scrubbers and once they realized it was also a way to reclaim and re-purpose the waste, they stopped resisting and began benefiting. Science is all about documenting and accumulating data.

Canada is about to become a global tourist destination Country who want to see the last trees and the last places the wildlife still exits.

Cougar Killed in New Westminster Halloween Night

America exterminated to build itself, while Canada limited growth and spent many decades bribing couples to marry and have offspring with various child tax benefits and other financial incentives.

when I was a child in Canada, everyone was issued a certificate of a 5 shares in the Province of British Columbia – a government ra ra motivational selling that wasn’t worth the price of the ink or paper it was printed on. a political promotion of smoke and mirrors bread and circuses.

But it made a deep impression on my child’s mind about voting and civics, the commentary I learned later as an adult.

Earth: a right to life for the non-human forms?

So. back to buying a House in the GVRD.

  1. what political party is voted in the riding at the federal and provincial level traditionally?
  2. how ethnically diversity is the local municipal counsel?
  3. proximity to planned Provincial/Federal/P3 projects, LNG harbours, transport infrastructure (know your Bridges)
  4. Railroad and Airports – the sound scape of a River Delta Shipping Freight Airport surrounded by mountains.

A crack in the fracking pipeline: Coastal Gaslink changes its plans

Rural Areas of Canada are begging people to buy cheap lots and build on them. Some Provinces are cheaper to live in than others.

Fuzz Induced Moderate Panic Attack

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Canada – Peace Officers Memorial Day

Hamed Nastoh, a 12 year old east indian candian boy jumped off the patullo bridge, which connects New Westminster and Surrey — he had been bullied at school for being gay His mother, denied he was gay, and ran for … Continue reading

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