EarthWatch: Big Quakes for 4/16/2016

Japan has had a severe run of quakes, and no tsnumis occurred on the North American side of the Pacific Rim of Fire – Volcanoes at depth or as land island arcs or on top of lands with fertile valleys.

ERT manualDisaster Guides

Powerful back-to-back earthquakes in Japan kill at least 41 – World – CBC News

CBC.ca15 hours ago 
FOGNina ERT manual

Latest Earthquakes in the world – EMSC

Latest Earthquakes in the world. World earthquake list. Earthquake information.earthquakes today – recent and latest earthquakes, earthquake map and …

Nina it's a disasterNina and OSH
Lets see in Earthquake news – feeling it 5 or bigger – two hours before this post

two and a half hours before this post: the shock before the aftershock?


4.9 30 mins before .. build. peak release aftershock,

4.9 7.4 5.4 – . NEAR COAST OF ECUADOR

earthStrucHigher1 PS Wave Picture

that ratio must say something about the S and P waves, material being warped and shifted up down and all around, liquifaction and something about levelling..seismic_waves seismicwaves

smaller quakes in chile, following the pressure builds and releases across known fault systems, and discovering new faults.


fracking… stop fracking… we need a map correlation to compare industrial impacts – including historic mining underground fires…


I wonder if anyone is doing the load bearing math on MegaCities… Taipei Tower on down the skyline.


5 hours ago in Indonesia




Building Codes are a big part of where cities and municipalities can generate revenue: Inspections and By-Laws – from business licensing or Public/Private Partnerships.


Government is where Business is supposed to be delivering safe products so that people do not have to be engineering, bio-chemists or have a university degree to even understand the paper work.

There is the legal language and contract law, the spirit embedded in the language and letters of law. To be carried out in good faith by those who are licensed and entrusted to practice with ethics.

“No building code” is as bad as the best building code when it is not enforced.


The real measure of a society is not that rights are granted, but only when demanded, but actually extended and offered as a matter of course, which means behaving in accordance with the law.

Not an “the only crime is getting caught” or “word games” and “weasel defenses”.

7 effective woo habitsEmergency Neil StraussHowtoLie

It is the difference between accidentally hitting a person when you are driving and staying and attempting aid and rescue than hitting them accidentally and driving away and not admitting it until caught, often long after the fact.

Well, I guess that actually connects back to the previous post about knocking down neighbourhoods one housing structure at a time. Single Family Dwellings and Multi-Family Units skirting the by-law or operating within the law.

Volcano Gods waste virginsExtreme Earth

Corruption is as Corruption Does and it is very much about how a society protects the vulnerable and regulates the Predator Professions, advertising especially.

Advertising Law is actually more important for government to enforce than copyright.

it should not be cheaper to pay class action lawsuits than doing proper R&D.

51IXwVxc6-L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ flying-beyond-the-stall-master 9781498726177


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