Canada Politics: Tom McClair and Leaderless NDP

The National Democratic Party is the party most Canadian want to vote for, they are the Leftest Party in a cluster of central parties.

Tom McClair was not an NDP member, he was parachuted in as an invited leader, who had a conservative background.

The NDP made four mistakes and they may as well wind down federally and merge with the Liberals.

  1. The Burka Issue – Conservatives own the discrimination and the NDP owned the inclusion – but Canada is torn between a woman’s right to choose and subculters that do not allow that. It’s only been since the 1970s that Canada ended public dress codes enforced by school workplaces.
  2. Disrespect – every time McClair said the name “Justin Trudeau” he spoke as if about a teenager or even toddler. Trudeau is a Gen X Adult and it turned off the new adult Milennials and Genx and Y – triggering the why we need aging out provisions in politics.
  3. 2 old white guys and then 1 young middle aged guy – not a lot of options in the field with the Green Party Elizabeth May scoring points but not credibility or votes.  Drunk and tired is rarely edgy and politicians are not comedians.
  4. Fear.


A climate of Fear favours the incumbent, even when they are churning and causing it.


the Canadian Landscape used to be Grits (liberals) vs Tories (progressive conservatives).

Then, the NDP and the Bloc Quebec emerged from regionalism and then the Reform Party.

tumblr_inline_nvv5r91sw91sv8abq_500 5ccd40bfd0e9088ea657b063e91c5cd0

The 2016 Election where the NDP used the “Coming Storm” commercials was lifted right out of the American anti-queer Republican Party, and that is what really put the NDP on the suspicious – likely making many Canadian remember that for most of Canada’s history – The Liberal Party was in power.

not a reformed right with the Christian Heritage and Libertarian parties nipping at that too far right edge.

Canadian regional politics of provinces, right to left at the province level changes even with the same parties at the federal.


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