The 1990s Canadian Edition

Women’s suffrage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Women’s suffrage is the right of women to vote and to stand for electoral office.

Timeline of women’s suffrage – Wikipedia, the free …

Sweden Female taxpaying members of city guilds are allowed to vote in local elections (rescinded in 1758) and national elections (rescinded in the new …

Women got to vote, but it took the 1960s and 1970s to gain freedom of finances and not have to have a Father or Husband as main signer on everything, like and admin account and authorizing a user account, under her own name…..
Being able to take out loans, own businesses, and determine your own dress code.
I grew up in the 1970s, when the last of the 1950s ruler smackers retired, sad they no longer got to smack other people’s children’s fingers.  One of the most delicate things we have to operate.
In my childhood school, it was my second grade teacher Mrs. Carson, Grandmother with a Metric ruler, three feet and change. Metric conversion fortunatelly forced as many of them out of school, the same era where anything religion was no longer allowed, including the bible giveaways. Unless you are handing out a book that shows how to compare and contrast all of them as a means of teaching about religion, to encourage multiculturalism, knowing and understanding about, not joining to be a member of. Public Schools are not mean as recruitment into anything but the school system and community workplace environment. Not Consumerism, not Military/Prison, nor Religion.
Public School in fact, has to be the inoculation for it – to ensure that children are taught as much actual reality, good and bad, both sides and stories of historic events, we will continue to repeat and I mean repeat ad nauseam.
The 1980s was my teen decade in High School and in the 1990s, unlike most of my peers, I went to college and university and a technical school. I was able to do so because I lived in the Suburbs around a Major City in my nation of Canada, and I lived at home.  Then it was the 1990s and I was learning what adulting was like.
xena and gabbymermaids_posterFreddie-Mercury-Lover-Of-Life-Sin-379869
Hercules The Greek Kung Fu Action Pack show spun off Xena the Warrior Princess. Buffy was Slaying Vampires and Agent Scully was riding reality on Agent Spooky Mulder on X-Files.
In Music, 1970s Cher was riding an 1980s chart rebirth, touring with Drag Queen versions of herself and a ride as a Serious Actor… Actress… Gender Nuetrality often points to where there remains differences. oh us North Americans and our fixation of titles… we don’t get born to them, we have to aspire… the 1970s Fair Trade Deals, which were not, resulted in Mindful Consumerism and the Yuppie Consumers turned Eco-Tourist Warriors, Your Rebel Outsider Image through brand loyality and labelling… Freddie Mercury died and was the first after Rock Hudson to die of AIDs and not Pnuemonia or other vague don’t say it out loud magical thinking euphemisms… The 1985 Band Aid – the Aid raised paid for administration on the Aid side and corrupt government on the Receive side and what small supplies that were loaded onto trains were either looted by rebellions or left to rot on the tracks. .. more garbage raised than consciousness.. the cost of cheap is that eventually what is disposed of in one place is repurposed as cheap trinkets elsewhere, often toxic and sometimes radioactive.. heavey metals – plus carbon based pollution to ship it around from waste nation to processing nation, ever seeking the lowest wages and the non-existance of environmental protections. Idle no More, ooops. I got ahead of myself and gave away the ending, eh? oh well. it’s okay.
africa THISONE   big picture
The-piano-poster temple of my familiar Xena Inside This one james Spader the secretary think-of-the-children Tasha Yar rom tasha Odo DS9
Cassette Tapes had gone the way of the 8-track and CDs had won over the vinyl record. Which is now making a comeback at collector prices. Green Roofs became a thing in major cities as a way of reducing water run off into sewage systems, reducing pollution and and adding critical relief to Concrete Jungle Dwellers.
Legionaire’s Disease was caused by a faulity HVAC system and building health management became part of facility lifecycle management. Western Disposable culture includes Skyscrapers and Skylines.
Recorded Sound Library Square Green Roof
fraggle rock season 1 set Jim Henson and Fraggle with Dozers 220px-Mists_of_Avalon-1st_ed lady of the lake stonehenge slide-muchado-jpg_001700 three of hearts Vigdis Finnboggadottir Loly and the Unicorn Legend silence 600full-desert-hearts-screenshot Kay and Vivian environmental disasters reading comprehension history-lesbian-hair-mary-dugger-paperback-cover-art Russian Leader Stacking doll
There was a lot going on in global politics, I remember the 3 days of terror when Gorby Disappeared.
Star Trek had a Next Generation which spawned 2 more shows, and the Star Trek Original Cast Movies transitioned into the Next Generation Cast, and the Deep Space Nine and Voyager gave us addition back stories to the movies.
REcovery Trek Tasha Yar Metamorph Jeffery the movie Catty Goodness VisibilityJanet and Frank N Further Angles Gang Set 2 Angles Gang Set 3
I met an astonishing number of queer folk, some who died and didn’t make it out of that decade and some, phased back into heteronormative mainstream… some became co-parents and our lives went on. Legislation had to catch up.
Angles Gang Set 1 Xmas Cover 2 Xmas Cover 1 Xmas Cover 3
I was a writer in news, arts, community, op-ed and I did photography, news editing and one time, I was a cover girl – Santa Dyke.

Nina Cover Girl VPD = NYPD Lesbian Avengers Hate is not a family value The First AIDS Decade Glen Production Weekend Marathon Angles Media Card  Statscan 2004 Uh Yeah Ummmm 2 the debate is over 97 Global Warming and CO2 Nina 6 eyeswibble consensus gap Post Dykes to watch out for 1

this is an unused photo taken by the Surrey Leader when they wrote a feature article about me when I placed second in the Next Wave Competition a three way sponsor by the National Film Board of Canada, Telefilm Canada and BC Film

this is an unused photo taken by the Surrey Leader when they wrote a feature article about me when I placed second in the Next Wave Competition
a three way sponsor by the National Film Board of Canada, Telefilm Canada and BC Film

Noises by Nina - DJ Nina Vancouver Film School Nina Journalism Cancer Games Dr Susan Love breast cancer vs Aids

Dr Susan Love did a 1990s meta review of 1970s studies of lesbians in bars and wrongly told the media we had a higher risk of cancer because of being lesbians. The Religion Right twisted it to claim it was our lack of babies, which is a factor, but how many hours a day one wears a constricting bra has a greater impact.
Cancer Biz Dyke in danger header
AIDS, a contagious disease with multi-vectors of body fluids was then pitted against breast cancer in a bizarre social battle over “good victims” and “bad victims” when it’s just both being patients of either a disease or an illness.
Girlfriends 1998 barbara findlay
Books continued to be banned and important stories were struggling to be toldNina and The Devil banned books signorney jpg Cathy Books by Cathy Guieswiete Central Park Jogger Proof It Gets Better Repressed Librarian 6 Repressed Librarian 2 Kahn leaving Dax dying inside lingering kiss When Night is Falling box set When Night is Falling box open sountrack When Night is falling VHS gene-roddenberry-quote
but told by whom about who else in what context – authentic or artistic license.. inclusion and representions…
\Gene 0ne star-trek-was-an-attempt-to-say-that1 Lucy talisman
Nintendo dominated the home games and Talisman was the new hot geek board game. Sega and other play-systems followed. Record Stores became shelves in Big Box Stores and game arcades and pool halls all but vanished… we all played at home… or online, our second life before The Sims and Second Life spawned as actual games.
250px-TalismanCover SONY DSC
 Melissa Etheridge the truth is kd lang chatelain cover Matt Groening Hell Collection 1

Matt Groening Hell Collection 2 Xtra West the battering issue battering 2 articles

Western Cable 4 – over 150 hours of in studio (recorded and live broadcast) and on location – call in shows, themed talk shows, arts and sports events of local community interest.

Western Cable 4 – over 150 hours of in studio (recorded and live broadcast) and on location – call in shows, themed talk shows, arts and sports events of local community interest.

Nina VFS dvd NIna and Angles eating disorder issue

VHS beat out Beta, but it lost to DVDs, a better archivable format, so we thought, many of the 1980s cds began to show signs of degrading.
 Nina and the Heathers Nina Repo Man adventures-of-priscilla-queen-of-the-desert-movie-poster-1994-1020191994 Nightmare Elms st 3 Freddie And Deliah  planned obsolescence Nina and Mary Kary Commandos Christine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to men Whoopie Trek Uhura sns-simpsons-marcia-wallace-dies shovel shit Mel Gibson Nina and Alice Walker
Nina and Suzie Sexpert Nina with ONJ Physical Dan Savage The Campfire Rule
Olivia Newton-John’s Physical Album made Female Sexuality #1 on the charts. Dan Savage started doing a sex advise column called Hey Faggot, which was rather edgy and morphed into Savage Love, after he and his partner adopted their first child.
Dan Savage mom relationship meme santorum Legend T Shirt Nina and Susie Bright sexual state of the union Nina and Gay Comics 19 Alison Bechdel Nina Angles NIna and Gewn Jacobs march Gorbachev Nina and Russians Kim Campbell Justice Robes
Mass Public Shootings were no longer confined to America – and Canada, Scotland and Australia too..
dec6memorial-blog  politechnique-memorial December 6
I was a dj at university, very into “social issues”
hoodie vs justice Dj Nina at CJIV SFU
kd lang marries the Junos   xena gabby hot tub Olivia Newton-John Physical queer nation Act up the stonewall inn billy Tipton make jazz not war women passing for war Free air guitars gamer controls
bechdel-rule Gillian Andersen Agent Scully Star Trek Next Gen Cast Star Fleet Wesley Projected Adult Wesley Star Trek Next Gen Cast Nuts_film
80s diva off winner Madonna who's that girl Val Kilmer and Cher Kevin Bacon and Val Kilmer Freddie and Friend divine
7 effective woo habits Change Margaret Meme Piltdown Forger Martin Hinton religion vs science Angles Santa Dyke Nina and her Wendel
Subversive Cultures became collected, Queers became a Marketing Niche in the 1990s.
Car Companies and Bi Box Chain stores began to include actors playing gay couples as brand consumers.
Religion Right boycotts stopped being effective and Big Business catered to the Money.
Calvin v susie Angles Jul 1993 Angles Feb 1993 Angles adds bisexual Angles the final cover
authentic more important than hair style.  a rare example of substance over style – then, keeping classy was the romantic aspiration of being a tampon or pants – cell phone cracking became a thing…
Milli Vanilli  Chuckles n Camilla
Jim Carrey tried drama and the Big Hair Evening Soaps were gone from air, replaced by Medical and Legal Proceedures, soapish or gritty…. John Derek was unable to re-blonde and aged out and died.
The Truman Show John Derek Trio
Streets of Fire joshuatree duranduran my-own-private-idaho-movie-poster-1991-1020186089 shanghai_surprise_ver2 Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure Culture-Club-Colour-By-Numbers-543921 Big-Country-The-Greatest-Hits-282473 Nina D&D DM Screen Nina Deadlands Marshal Screen
Role playing games exploded in all sci fi and fantasy directions

Nina Storyteller Vampire Screen  sttng_thineownself Data arm off Lez Avenger recruit foxy image_we_recruit_moyer did-homer-simpson-discover-the-higgs-boson-3 Rights are Geographic and Demographicly Depantant

Facebook Extra! I went to cover the first Gwen Jacobs march in Vancouver in the early 1990s, and ended up joining and on the national evening news. I was topless, but I put AIDS awareness stickers over my nipples. seriously, never do that. put a barrier down.. removal was less than fun, eh?

Facebook Extra!
I went to cover the first Gwen Jacobs march in Vancouver in the early 1990s, and ended up joining and on the national evening news.
I was topless, but I put AIDS awareness stickers over my nipples.
seriously, never do that. put a barrier down.. removal was less than fun, eh?

Boom and Bust Buildings canon-laser-class-650i
offices went digital and computers replaced printers and fax machines into multi machines… the computer paperless revolution spawned an endless number of computer magazines and lowered office productivity.
amicus features overview-files-large maxresdefault Thermal_Transfer_Fax_Machine Thermal_Paper_for_Fax_Machine il_fullxfull.367562801_bb1q Elvis Baby Girl Elvis Granddaughter
Elvis’ baby girl, had one and she is now on a tv show. The Last Temptation of Christ was the controversial Jesus movie while Mel Gibson was still married to his first wife and enjoying international stardom.

Auntie Shovels Mad Max the-last-temptation-of-christ_poster Mrs Soffel MaxMaxIII-finalposter Hothead Paisan Penis Meditation boogie_nights_poster savage1 fecalman-NEW Drug Trauma Denial No Doubt Chuchlady Isn't that special Bar Girls go-fish-movie-poster-1994-1010397628 Teresa's_Tattoo 1991-hot-shots-poster1 The Crying Game The Wedding Banquet Eddie-Murphy-Raw_l1 Eddie-Murphy-Raw_l Eddie-Murphy-Raw eddie-murphy-italians Eddie Murphy Raw Working Girl The X Files series and 1st movie boxset God Needs a Starship God Hates Jedi

You Date Who they DateNo Nukes for No Life

Dan Quayle picked a fight with a tv character, Murphy Brown…. meanwhile the PMRC rated records for language.
Polterguiest Mars_attacks_ver1 two-of-a-kind-john-travolta-olivia-newton-john-dvd-poster-1983

movies that bombed in theatres found success in the direct to video market and the satellite tv channels – analog was accompanied by digital signals.

The boss was a big fan of this and I pointed out to him that he missed out on the actual premise. There are 3 groups you have to make happy 1. customers 2. suppliers and 3 employees. Everyone can only count to 2 because they start with themselves, eh?

The boss was a big fan of this and I pointed out to him that he missed out on the actual premise. There are 3 groups you have to make happy 1. customers 2. suppliers and 3 employees. Everyone can only count to 2 because they start with themselves, eh?


1950s Pop Idol Pat Boone did a Heavy Metal Album and the iconic Willard horror movie got a remake. Dark entertainment flourishes during Republican Administrations… and amateur hour was cheaper than scripted programming, and the rule of Porn happened – cheapest production to maximum profits.

America Home Videos1000px-Friends_logo.svg21h5HHKqcmL._BO1,204,203,200_41lpstz6qFL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_uid000001_201001032347472b3150ac152426541lpstz6qFL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Pals who Beverage 1 Chosen FamilyXena life lessonsSex in the CityCity Gatherers Shop and hunt MatesQuale QipsMurphy Brown News SitcomDiva TimeMTE5NTU2MzE2NDg4NTY2Mjgzjonbenet-ramseyMeet_Your_Early_Installment_Weirdness_4652Forbidden LoveThe-celluloid-closet-movie-poster-1996-1020203535rockhdsnshomemvsMV5BMjE1NjcwMTQ2N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjQ1ODEyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_374224those 70s showsMV5BMTUzNjk1NzA4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNTkwODE5._V1_SX640_SY720_Working_Girls_DVD_coverMV5BMjE4MTA2MzE1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjAyOTkyMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Xtra West social justiceCanada Queer Military 1990sGwen Jacobs Topless Rights in Canada 1990sthe last Angles 1990swords were meant to woofrom-Dead-Poets-Society1Freddie_Mecury_and_Montserrat_Caballé_-_Barcelonastepford_wives_ver212 inch singles Reflex Duran DuranDuran Duran CarnivalONJ Physical regular and audiophileCathy the SingleCathy and Shoe PornCathy and FashionSex in the City Sexy Boxset

satc-3-435sex-and-the-city-mr-big-carrie-bradshawSex-and-the-City-Movie-Poster-sex-and-the-city-the-movie-1261256_1061_1500sex-and-the-city-2-240ls050310The angry White ManRipleyVsQueen  male-400x261 original 344e1524ee4fe3fda08867063e604a51 a0ecb0694439ed482c5a359c038867b3 leadtheylive1 165352 news-lieberman-brown-books flashdance-video-dvd flashdance-movie-poster-1983-1020199627 514TSB3ATXL 625325-575160_34191_front_1_ tekwar_96cgw Shadowrun4A skynet_wallpaper_by_coverphotomaster-d4xqkbr 329276_494570010570397_1290144374_o images Set-It-Off-poster R-225787-1219562760.jpeg



Queen-Latifah-Black-Hand-Side-R-297360 latifa Screen%20shot%202014-05-20%20at%203.42.44%20PM ForbiddenLove2-e1403715719357 Forbidden-love_1 original_319255_6WFPa4nZ2CC5Xuh83gjAjJ4jj Laramie-Project LAramie Project BoysDontCry-PosterArt Boys Don't Cry tumblr_lxv6wxwnXv1r5xsw9o1_500 Elvis is alive kd lang madonna MI0000006147 Melissa-Etheridge-Your-Little-Secre-486116 Melissa-Etheridge-Breakdown-145139 melissa-etheridge-1360957731 Melissa+Etheridge+-+Melissa+Etheridge+-+LP+RECORD-423084 Melissa_Etheridge_Breakdown_cover index 2000_melissassecret 51LmE3ZEBhL album-kd-lang-Reintarnation K.d._lang_-_Ingenue K.d._lang_-_Drag images hero_KD Lang allyoucaneat 51mKOvC7spL kd-lang-vanity-fair mAQ_PpsrcPPfSDQAONTcvNQ 1-Fullscreen-capture-19072013-41117-PM.bmp Olivia and Matt

Olivia Newton John married a younger man before Demi Moore did
280869-olivia-newton-john index
1990s – from SCTV and Saturday Night Live, came Mad TV, in Living Colour and in Canada – this hour has 22 minutes. 22minuteslogo latest LaoLessons 589 tumblr_lqe89w923P1qhv7mzo1_500 images mr-bean-and-dr-house House-And-Rachel-2002-and-2009_fb_92585 A70-5220 78b9874f07a2275c22a45bf6a6b6f564 Pdr2HnH futurama-season-1-1-space-pilot-3000-fry-frozen-ufos-destroy-earth 180px-Frozen_Fry Sheena-Easton-The-Lover-In-Me-37678  latest R-2132679-1265803014.jpeg Olivia-Newton-John-Soul-Kiss-332283  83f90f350c27bc00ef1e52bd5f25843b35f27744b69b97e5ec030360fcabfa19 motley_crue_girls mx91uNR23aPcY1k2Ybkyzbg Spandau-Ballet-The-Twelve-Inch-M-145464 R-191456-1211035322.jpeg Powerstation_albumcover R-33482-1411542590-2560.jpeg Eurythmics_MissionaryMan album-cover-touch Duran-Duran-Seven-&-the-Ragged-Tiger-2LP-(180gr-Vinyl) Spandau-Ballet-The-Best-Of-Spand-547084 duran-duran-arena-front-cover-47608 Notorious Duran_duran_night_versions_albumcover Elvis-Presley-Million-Dollar-Qu-480439 Artist-Not-Provided-The-Naked-Gun-The-Naked-Gun-2-1-2 -The-Smell-of-Fear-Naked-Gun-33-1-3 -The-Final-Insult Naked_gun_three rstewa-bodywi_02-thumb-240x240-8120 24-280-280-100000000-Bon-Jovi-Fans-Cant-Be-Wrong-Album-Cover e84405232d12dd2e13b3ac76fc51f4a1jpg uktv_red_dwarf starbug 61RGRM4Q22L._SY300_ index 51KNWXV814L death_battle___xena_vs_buffy_by_volts48-d8ow9my latest 41wmGdQ0GOL 51wE8dZq11L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_
MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers began after Candy Lightener stopped drinking in response to her daughter’s death by a drunk diver. the Organization spread across America and Canada and ended up with policies against their volunteers being drug dealers.  Comedian Sam Kinison was banned in Canada for making drunk driving jokes and he sobered up and was also killed by a drunk driver.
Final_Exit_book_cover 3728d625e8a6545b63738f202bb741fd
Kirk vs Picard became a thing, as did Ken and his cock ring… earring magic Ken was the end of his relationship with Barbie. The Barbie Liberation Front happened. GI Joe thought math was hard and Barbie wanted to get Cobra.

god hates fags 2 Cock Ring Ken Earring Magic Barbie Club Pals s-l1000

NO CHILD LEFT A BRIDE: Congratulations to Chief Kachindamoto for her decisive action against child marriage and in favor of education! To read more about her decision on This Is Africa, visit

NO CHILD LEFT A BRIDE: Congratulations to Chief Kachindamoto for her decisive action against child marriage and in favor of education! To read more about her decision on This Is Africa, visit

Rwanda Women Post Genocide 800px-Global_Sea_Level_Rise_Risks Warrior Marks funny-pictures-lion-jungle-whim-away Clever+moses+is+this+true+i+don+t+even+know_8ecece_5024483 rambo4-movieposter rambo-iii-poster Saltine American Will_amp_Grace_TV_Series-542554034-large YyAQ-FZXDxil-Xosly4cKg6BSFu-gB1olqHZ4pFb1DMLdjToXRd_H-LJB4l3-1sL7K8=h900 20140521-1 438088b1ef380760c680b4d36e9b4505ea9a3a73f69bb07730caad83b4de4ba3  data7 hbo_1118 Tasha_Yar_seduces_Data Space Pope says do not date robots Monroebot

main-qimg-deb93ef5c6093f8fde029891f8f11b07 what-friends-has-taught-me 9764 how-i-met-your-mother-is-basically-just-friends-meme atanarjuat-the-fast-runner-movie-poster-2002-1020196014 whale-rider-26356-16x9-large 812944669758583215 fc,550x550,navy.u4200_s anne-rice-vampire-chronicles-books outbreak the-serpent-and-the-rainbow-5230217de078b 7011648-M deepak_chopra_perfect_health_book 82059
the wellness workshop motiviationl goes industrial and become the secular religion, marketing edition.Primary-Colors-U-K-Quad-Posters large_9gZZyQ8XStpUJBFU1ceU4xx1crv
Politics becomes lower than lawyers, used car salesmen and pedophiles. community service or filling one’s boots.
486B8E0F-CCA4-242F-A08A628749521EB7 220px-Bob_roberts_poster ginger-snaps-movie-poster-2000-1020188686 gingerback1 51lkkyB8jLL DVD_cover_of_the_movie_Teresa's_Tattoo High school horror high High school horror high 2 david-bowie-sound-vision-box-set 1352081687 nickknight 220px-Rock-Of-Life-(album) Rick-Springfield-Tao-275316 Chaz-Bono
Chastity Bono comes out as a lesbian and Donny Osmond gets a theatrical stage revivial with the Techicolur Dream Coat, religuous theatre – and Elvis is reimaged as Pharaoh – soon to morph with Henry the 8th of England. a religous game changer.
09667a_edce154afb6940a5a00d93c3f659fb9f.jpg_srz_320_232_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz ows_136631037858881 josephcoat1 hqdefault a8af13fb2358909987d47802fe2615d4 320255_1256930959855_160 Sliders Sliders_Scarface_Paul kromags elvis1995
Sliders, a sci fi action show explores other world possibilities and shows the impact of the location of filming In vancouver is good, In LA, less so. Also the lesson of The X Files.
214tex1 Star Trek alien giphy tumblr_inline_n33y5gBg8x1ru2pqo Buffy_3x18 Kevin-Sorbo-image-kevin-sorbo-36424680-1600-1277 Hercules_Iolaus Source: religious-people-vs-scientist_o_4616937 John COugar Mellancamp newbonjovioriginal (1) jon Bon Jovi Bon_jovi_slippery_when_wet BonJovi-New-Jersey-1024x1024
That Jersey to New York – Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and kinda John Cougar and John Mellancamp, in 2016, The Boss is not playing in Homophobic States USA.
springsteen-no-number-one-2 aliens2 Aliens-A2S17-BurkeRipley Aliens-A3S5-RipleyNewtBishop Ripley_in_hypersleep ALIEN_RESURRECTION_DISC1-7 9963316-1310636370-262590 keefe Diagnosis Murderx 51vc4MO6QQL._SY300_ murder she wrote Matlock 51K6FRieFML
Dectectives and Detecting, Sensory and Eerie monsters and aliens and then homo sapiens. .. cagney and lacey the-x-files-poster2 McBeal-Name-Plate law-and-order-spin-offs-logos
Ally McBeal and it’s unisex bathrooms and Big Hair gave way to Big Shoulder Pads – while Law and Order, once one show, now has enough spin off for it’s own channel.
la-law-s1 hill_street_blues forever-knight pt1365 movies-leaving-las-vegas-poster u8IfYbb 623c313c4029f2449ee1120268eabfc3285b9d1527d78a9100dfdeed133ffd95 kirkoduck Warner+Brothers+InStyle+Golden+Globe+Party+ZDf7GsmXM8Al HJQLECRD_400x400 spice-girls-creepers-2 ieri-e-oggi-anni-80-duran-duran_650x435  Tank-Girl-POster-magazine-7 MPW-57643 194654.2 IS_Michelle_Pfeiffer_046 veronica_sawyer_croquet_heathers_winona_ryder 018fbf18cb8d4a9b43533c60f280fe75 J-W-johnny-depp-and-winona-ryder-10511244-400-502 01 edwardscissorhands index Beetle_Juice_The_Complete_Series_box_set_20130905143043100 21a 693501 Alanis-Morissette-So-Called-Chaos-294610 R-750272-1425408608-6912.jpeg R-2842569-1303643007.jpeg R-2752947-1389538799-3582.jpeg R-1576977-1372320503-3240.png R-676550-1226613057.jpeg K.d._lang_-_Shadowland R-1615015-1270494362.jpeg Corey-Hart-Sunglasses-At-Nig-371185 K.d._lang_-_All_You_Can_Eat R-6884553-1428735744-4744.jpeg corey_hart-first_offense(emi) c7871ed4545cbd9df7ec0fc4298a457c Bryan-Adams-Reckless-285257 bryan_adams_waking_up_the_neighbours Bryan_Adams_-_Summer_of_'69 51vkhIw0SBL 822 RickSpringfield ForeverKnight2 MV5BMTQ2NjE3OTkwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjUxNDIyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_ Space-Beaver beaveho Warlock5_header MOV_4f49bec9_b Blade-Runner-Poster-blade-runner-8229832-998-1500 4f1d08fcb58ae4e58ff397208614fbdb6640ad63764d87fb45003f1e271531be movie_38393 angels-in-america-movie-poster-2003-1020275107 220px-And_The_Band_Played_On_Film_Poster total recall Weekend-At-Bernie-s-weekend-at-bernies-1-and-2-631435_728_1024 Weekend-at-Bernies-movie-poster-1020297739 Researchers-examine-Otzi 32527.ngsversion.d5fc46c9bd9fcd7502ac3d3f8615eab1.adapt.768.1
Otiz the Iceman was found

6344839_orig post-42759-Sigourney-Weaver-aliens-guy-me-O1j2 51YfDmh7eUL oh-wait-youre-serious-let-me-laugh-even-harder 7566578 adbusters_114_cover_small adbusters Consumer_Reports_Magazine_September_2012 043043.1-lg article_attachment_1210767852 f08e65ae2b2ba553c0fb4c3e75711727 55429776df568839046202 3281489a527c50b0d244be5adad0818f 1993-s640x480

THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Tim Curry (right), 1993, (c) Buena Vista

THE THREE MUSKETEERS, Tim Curry (right), 1993, (c) Buena Vista

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buffy angleInvisible 2006 by nina tryggvason
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