Queer Community: ChairWomen Time

on Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True – is demonstrating a trusim of social evolution:

Britain’s National Union of Students excludes gay men from LGBT groups because those gays aren’t sufficiently oppressed

In the UK, the Queer Student University Groups are saying, Gay Men thank for taking the lead, it’s your turn to make the coffee for the meetings and it’s time for the larger community issues to be addressed of our diversity, our community conversion is being watched by the heterosexuals who are seeing us play more oppressed than thou, with the ironies unrecognized.

Elephant in the Queer Closet.

NIna and Angles eating disorder issueadventures-of-priscilla-queen-of-the-desert-movie-poster-1994-1020191994Freddie And Deliah

The Law and Order Agenda

White Gay men were the first ones to be publically gay. In Germany, 1940s, legal rights were being gained and the Nazi party largely rose to power with on Men first, Manly Mens and women as breeders of the hearth. As soon as they could, they slaughtered the gays in the party and burnt down the Institute of Sexology, where all the top Nazis had been patients and not clients of. It wasn’t a brothel, it was the Kinsey Institute of it’s geo and time location.

While the German concentration camps were primarily to exterminate Jewish people, as all christians were on board with at the time, as where the muslims, children rarely get along with the parent, religion is as people do.

The Yellow Star was never worn by later Jews as a reclaimed reverted inverted ironic sardonic as the pink triangle and the black triangle the Nazi camps put on gays and lesbians.

Nina and Alice WalkerDan Savage The Campfire Rule

Attention Queer Community: Gay Agenda Amendment

Anyway, After Women got to vote and become closer to full citizens, the the male ranks were depleted by war and Women went to Work, many women never left the work.

when I came out in the 1990s, the queers of Europe were ahead of North American queers in society, but no closer to having actual rights.

Nina and Gay Comics 19 Alison Bechdelmovie_38393220px-And_The_Band_Played_On_Film_Poster

Employees vs Volunteers

the 1990s looked like the American state of Hawaii would be the first to legalize equal marriage, but it began in the Scandinavian nations, England of the UK, Canada and Spain, in 2015, America was the last of the G20 nations. America is the only G20 not to have equality for women, in 2016.

Nina two Nice Girls live a versionkd lang marries the Junosangels-in-america-movie-poster-2003-1020275107

Job Interviewing: Volunteering

the common issues to all – is housing and food security and the ability to earn a living.

queer nationAct upthe stonewall inn

Depression 101: Volunteer at something you enjoy

in the 1990s, gay and lesbian was something white people were and not being white was a fetish. Others were okay to fuck but not be friends with. Which is the opposite of women, friends first sex way later.

billy Tipton make jazz not warbechdel-rule80s diva off winner

Being an Over-experienced community volunteer…

the Mainstream/Gay and Lesbian Community liaison groups did not even include the words bisexual or trans anything or drag. You all are fun in the clubs, but not to date or be friends with, like to like.


PFLAG – Parents and Friends of lesbians and gays – because these were the Parents and high school pals who didn’t abandon us. the larger community, the demographic to which we once belonged. Most non-heteronormative offspring are thrown away, cast into the streets and absorbed into the sex trade and preyed upon by a variety of predators, some offering cash.


in the 1990s, the community was looking to expand and G/L bcame LesBiGay then  GLBT

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered, to my mind, I hear Guacamole Lettuce Bacon Tomato sammich. layers and variations.


Identity Politics and the More Oppressed than Thou, also means internally understanding, when Gay Men, Men who are gay, are the forefront because they have or have access to the money.  Male + sexuality


Lesbians, incorporates gender and sexuality – that homosexual lacks, being gender ambiguous, clinical technical generic.


in the 1990s, Queer to mean not-hetero, blurred and bends nuanced and gradient.

Freddie and FrienddivineAngles Santa Dyke

Volunteering for Community groups – Master Class

You are my ally if you support my issues, we can be friends and we have mutual issues of overlap – commonality.

Mind the Gap, of my POV and your POV

Knowing where listening and supporting, vs relating and correlating, equity of offer.


VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

I get to call myself an ally if I sympathize, empathize or support your cause.

However, again, mind the gap, forging a self identity that includes an identity shift in another person, will not secure allies and only increases resistance.

Nina and her WendelAngles Jul 1993kd-lang-cindy-crawford-close-shave

Recovery Process: Volunteering

How any given person identifies is often connected to their time period, their age plus the decade of coming out.

as a Gen Xer, I have always used dyke, because to me, Lesbian is 1970s granola, lesbians who worked for heterosexual women’s reproductive rights to have a halo effect of rights and got thanked for it by a corporate culture trusim that being called a “bitch or dyke” is the fastest way to silence a straight woman.


Then there is the whole body image thing. skinnies vs the fatties, pretties vs teh uglies the skill holders and the credit takers, the doers and the fakers.

Burn out and Rust Out – the result of eating our leaders.

Angles Feb 1993Angles adds bisexualAngles the final cover

Everyday Angels: Volunteers

So, Dear Gay Men.

The Community has in fact, worked long enough on your issues and the rest of the community needs attention

Rights are Geographic and Demographicly Depantantsavage1Bar Girls

Now. Gender…

Chasity Bono was a lesbian and a community spokesperson, Bono became Chaz Bono and remains a community spokesperson, Bono lived in the community.


Jenner, as in Bruce, lived as an alpha Heterosexual Male, and now in elderly retirement and in competion with Jenner’s Kardashian Brood of Grotesque too much Reality TV of utter lowest common denominor.

So Jenner, if you want to prove you are a woman, stop telling people to suck your dick and give back your Olympic Medals. Your Behaviour does not enhance the community. You are rejected as a Republican Log Cabin Porch Faggot – and why it is time for at least, white gay men to not chair queer community including student groups.

Heterosexual people Bruce Jenner is the biggest not queer, benefited from Alpha Male privilege his entire life and remains a Republican, seriously? get her! did not deserve a courage award for making a drag queen epic Kardasian trash tv of the queer community.

go-fish-movie-poster-1994-1010397628Teresa's_TattooThe Wedding Banquet

Volunteering in communities

Queers have taste, and heteros copy and ape whatever comes from outside and why Elvis Presley was the first Wigga and Metrosexual. The first and last to do it respectfully.

Xtra West the battering issueThe Crying Game

Volunteering – rewards and rewarding experiences

anyway, the rule of committees are these:

  1. How are decisions made? majority or consensus
  2. Is there a removal of members mechanism?
  3. finances.

Forbidden LoveThe-celluloid-closet-movie-poster-1996-1020203535

Charity Burn-out Churning Pitches

Who gets to call out who, is were the More Oppressed than Thou of Identity Politics comes into play and for most committees. the rules are made by those who sign the money vouchers.

Glamour vs Reality…harsh…..red in tooth and claw…

rockhdsnshomemvsCanada Queer Military 1990sMV5BMjE1NjcwMTQ2N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjQ1ODEyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_


audience, about a group or about inclusion in one….


real life to reel life, art informs life and life, art…

Laramie-ProjectBoys Don't Cry51vkhIw0SBL

51PYIlQCRTL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_ 51CK53NMWHL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_ Sally_Ride_Americas_first_woman_astronaut_communitcates_with_ground_controllers_from_the_flight_deck_-_NARA_-_541940


Also- kudos to Canadian Rocker Bryan Adams and American Rocker Bruce Springsteen for not playing to haters, after all, they too get to not serve people who disagree with their religion.

Bryan Adamsspringsteen-no-number-one-2ConductUnbecomingAfghanistan-1967-2011

Bryan Adams was the first Canadian performer to sell a million copies of an album in Canada. Corey Hart rode his coattails and Anne Murray did her most rocking album, so then, there were three. Each of them had million sellers in America and in Europe before inside of Canada. CanCon helped radio and hindered the Canadian Film Industry. Screen Time.






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