Dear Jenner: Return the Medals

Your morning gay porn for breakfast, cereal, it’s not just for sugar and marshmellows, eh?

Wheaties Bruce

I mean the Olympic ones for Male Sports.Prove you are a women and put community first.

The Olympics is all about measuring physical gender – and should be run as heterosexual races, queer athletes and disabled in turns at the same event.

After all, the reason why the Gay Games exist was because the Olympics Policy is not inclusive – and the various gender scandals over the years and what it really means to pit human endurance against each other. The only inclusive Olympics was Canada, BC in Vancouver/Whistler the 2010 winter games. the only one and it was to get the queer community to attend, not to include queer athletes.

Jenner is apparently a lesbian, had married  hetero normative women who had rather shocking self realizations and image checks. Jenner is not apparently dating any men and seems to be attempting to be Queen Kardashian – so even as a women, wouldn’t qualify and couldn’t have competed post surgery in any event.

bruce-jenner-starTransamerica 11381270466_bruce-jenner-kris-jenner-467BoysDontCry-PosterArt

Competition does not foster Good will unless it is done in as much fairness and inclusion as possible. It is merely a race to the monopoly and money drugs and sex scandals as in gender.

Success is nice but second and third and the also participated and qualified for the level within a field and standing for one’s country means something. In the era of single nation citizenship and that sports and arts tours have also been vectors for defections between governmental systems.

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