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True Blood, lacked a very critical ingredient: I am not surprised Ms Harris will not be licencing her other fiction novel lines..

The-Presley-Family-Cookbook-Cover-460x64060ffd8274abcf5bea4a71af6cf761dfb true-blood-a7ae5f75da4ad062

Marilyn Monroe liked older Daddy nerd types, to her, Elvis Presley was a younger man, the boy version of herself. She also liked pills.


True Blood the TV Series is about a Fairy who dayjobs waitress in a Swamp Town in Hick Louisiana and has to choose between a Southern American  Old Vampire who has been sent to bring the fairy back to the Vampire Queen, the girlfriend of her partly Fey Cousin Hadley; and a 2 Millennia (20 Centuries) old Viking Vampire, Area Sheriff of Louisiana, with a Sarcastic Sidekick, Pam.

The tv series introduced several characters not in the books, and had to start the story in post Katrina, whereas, the books had been running before the event, which became part of the Vampire Politics.

It is not merely movies that cannot capture the complexities of novels, it’s tv series too. Perhaps less when it’s a direct transfer between medium, but science fiction and fantasy rarely worked in mass media. Pulp and Hardcover, comics and graphic novels.

It’s not just about the rating from G, PG, R to X, it’s about the complexity and maturity of the world the character exist in.

How the scope is scaled. the POV of who is navigating what.

Anyway… the G rated just say no to biting stuff being marketed to tweens and teens is horrifying drivel, with co-dependent messages.

Sookie Stackhouse is less whiney than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her childhood trauma was dead parents, while Buffy had her parent’s Divorce and being warned that she had powers….

BUFFY-ANGEL-SPIKE_510x510 Which-one-would-You-choose-eric-sookie-vs-bill-sookie-23551042-720-485

in the 1990s, there was a short lived run of short form fiction about Vampires and AIDs.

Sex and not spreading contamination,  sex and violence, force and predation…

Vegetarian Vampires eating only Animals… Cue Vampire Bubba, the man from the south, eating cats.

Vampires who feed on the willing, without thought to what drives a person to seek that alive feeling on the edge or near death.

Weres and Witches, Nature Elementals and Personified forces of nature – fear and imagination…

american-vampire-league Fellowshipofthesun GodHatesFangs

the series followed Sookie from small backwater town Bon Temps, to the Corporate Vampire World – and put Heteronormative Human-o-centric thinking in the spotlight.

a commentary on all oppressionism and how it all starts in one’s home, and how poverty and addition, power imbalance, drives it all.

By adding Vampires, Werewolves, Werepanthers, The Fairies and even 1 Dwarf and the idea of Shape Shifters, the original books ignored the conventions of mass conversions, while even scifi pushed that to the limit with being able to be inert forms of matter and not even beings. Hitting that balance of where a character’s abilities overwhelm the story world, deus ex machina indeed. Too many, with the useful character sidelined, wait until next week, glad I got it as a SlipCover of the Season releases and not as a fancy box set.

I might watch it again with the webisodes as popups. I tried that with one episode and they had it overlapping actual dialog of Big Moments or Plot advance, rather than have them pop up over the Fighting Porn or Sex Porn scenes.

At least this show explored that alpha, beta to charlie and disposable zetas, eh? social hierarchies – packs or prides, herds or swarms…. bill-or-eric-eric-sookie-vs-bill-sookie-11958163-402-604 mgid-ao-image-mtv

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Jean Auel, The Earth’s Children – aka Clan of the Cave Bear – should probably re-consider, given that her books could now be done with the CGI effects, and if there is one thing the world needs to learn is universal communication


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