Breaking News: Poor Suffer, Rich Thrive

Hey hey Ho Ho Inequality Has to go


Reactionary or Revolutionary – Often Depends on where in the Generation Turn you are

Famine or Feast… we are, after all, what our grandparent ate. We all play swallow the leader, from kool aid gulpers to just the sippers.

Equality vs Social Castes: Classlessness; Social Ladder and Social Safety Net – Labour Rights – rights for labourers to safe as possible working conditions and pay equal to danger and expertise. Rights for women to be in the workforce without being subjected to harrassment. Children’s right – to education, to shelter and food to be able to focus on classroom content and peers in teamwork with teacher instructors, not babysitters.

Everyone’s right to not be pre-judged by their name or appearance or apparent social standing – it is society that is responsible for the circumstance of our births. The made world we are born to. To be able to go about their lawful business not impeded by crime or violence.


Civilization 1.0: Ice Aged

The Age of Experts connected to their Era Age


I think it is actually time to put into place the concept of term limits on more than the leaders of parties, but of holding political office at all.

America seems to be remembering that it was founded on the idea of NON-Heredity Rule.

Vancouver Police vs The City of Vancouver

The anti-climax Post Office Outing

Post Offices failed to adapt soon enough to being mostly a service for junk mail and stamp collectors who will pay for a service tag and never use it. A secondary once legal tender, as good as money issued by the mint.

Social Justice Memes

Women memes and social commentary images

LezFlirt: The Stone Age of Sex Toys

Ages of civ vs civs

Stoner Sloth updates Reefer Madness

Earth From 1969 to 2015: From Space to the Information Age

Outlaw Heros: Robin Hood vs Zorro

Treatment: Queer Robin Hood

Druidry in the Hood


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