Dear St. Paul’s Hospital:

A Catholic Board is and has been the problem with the hospital, which is NOT A PRODUCT nor something you use marketing media NLP Language – that is red flag #1 that you are a liar.

Hospitals are a Service and they are meant to be run for cost recovery not profit churning.

The St. Paul’s Outing

You have created half the problem in the hospital with the elevator situation and being in a brick and mortar building that is going to fall down in an earthquake.

Raw Recovery Specialist: An Agoraphobic Best

You do not get to claim to be a Centre of Excellence for AIDS when you remove queer community literature from your various lobbies. I spent many years in that hospital with various relatives and always walked through with an armful of copies of Xtra and Angles before it.

You do not get to claim to be a Centre for Queer Health by accepting our fundraising for AIDS and then put the money into addiction and mental illness, which is related to, but not the purpose for which the cash was raised.

You claim to be a centre for excellence but you don’t offer women full services or access to medical matters regulated by Health Canada. Causing public mischief and conflict on the street.

Religion is vampire, preying on people at every stage of their lives, and given the givens, why haven’t religions been sued out of existence? We certainly do not need to give them church tax exemptions and then let them be in charge of government business – did we learn nothing from the Indian Residential Schools?

Elevator Story 4: The Maintenance Man

So: here is how to save 1/3 of hospital costs, any hospital anywhere: Fire 2/3 of the managers. Top down.

Less fancy crap and arty touches and more capital investments in machines. Let the people who know how to do the work, make the decisions, not second guessers with their eye on the line in the budget that denotes above and below.

And most importantly – all Hospitals must be performing abortions and ending the stand alone clinics and uneven access, because this idea of strangers trying to control any one else’s family problem is an American Public Problem and not one that belongs in Canada.

Bubble Zones are not enough – Adult Medical Care for Adults and teens without having ANYONE’s Religion undermining health care or community outreach.

Raw Recovery Specialist: My Guaranteed Laugh

I had to actually go there, and my time there this morning was uneventful. My Parents and I even had enough pre-paid parking to eat lunch on Davie Street and it was really weird to me how mainstream Davie Village is.

Hamburger Mary’s was too far for my parents, and while they sometimes like the Dennys, I miss the queer burger bar that used to be there in the 1990s. We went to Fatburger, which is an American Franchise Chain that has spun off a Canadian branch.

Hospitals and Healthcare


Dean Thullner resigned from a St. Paul’s fundraiser after he was asked to not have so much …

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