5th April, 2016 – News Aversion Therapy

7af Onion0_2065530b

All the News that’s Fit to Print, in a If it Bleeds, it Leads Newstainment Kinda World.

Do Poltical Debates Matter Fox-News-Kennedy-1960

the opposite of fundamentalism is mentalist fun – parody and satire with peak irony reached when they can no longer be easily told apart – Why Tom Lehrer ended doing parody when Kissinger was given a nobel peace prize.

Fox-News-6 SOmeone Robbed Business

In action then and understood as Poe’s Law Now. we are so bombed and constantly surrounded by information in endless visual, editorial, advertorial, ZeroSum Bickering and everything adversarial

British_tabloids_-_July_5_2011 newspaper-photobombs-2-600x472

– people are becoming selective of where and how we grok and situate, repurpose data. and frankly, anyone following the real news knows to only follow the best parody headlines, because they nail it years ahead, memes, they spread in behavioral patterns….


The Three Internet Laws and Rule 34

Rome - Circus Maximus bread-and-circuses

Writering Coinage: “The Tryggvason Collary” to “Poe’s Law”

the-onion-front-page-001 theonion1

Why Religion is only Belief while Ignorance of the Law is No Defense

Around-world-in-80Harding vs Kerrigan

ElvisWorld: Elvis & The Internet

Poe’s Law vs Confirmation Bias


Poe’s Law and Resolving Cognitive Dissonance

Nina’s Collary to Poe’s Law

it remains hard for me to tell the obvious from the profound, given how rarely reality is given credit

Canadian Humour: Racoon Butter

The Cracker Barrel Petition

Lego Civil Unrest Sets3UQws

Advanced Humour 307: Parody and Satire

Understanding Humour 101 – Words and their Concepts

Marissa_Mayer1 henri_950x700--upscaledirk-gently-robot-meme

What is Art?

The Darker Humours: Gallows and Gall


Peg Bracken: Humourist



Brains: Our Bodies, Ourselves

off site:

G20 class-action lawsuits against Toronto police over ‘kettling’ get go-ahead

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