The Darker Humours: Gallows and Gall

It is a writer’s cliche that Comedy is Tragedy over Time – From Pathos to Drama to Commentary and back again.

It is also something of a bumper sticker psyche 101, and why 1 death a tragedy and a million a statistic.

Truth is truth, regardless of the mouth or mouth piece and it’s time that tells and what remains telling about the circumstances.

2016 – a man posed for a photo with his terrorist capture and the world is debating the nature of the image as being a photo snapshot to portrait vs a self taken image called a selfie.


I say it is both – he created the context of the photo and is basically posing for what may well be the last image of himself alive and he is desperate for help and in doing so and in releasing it – is inviting people to contemplate their own response.

Frankly, I think that was brilliant of him, it allowed him to be able to stand relaxed next to his capture, in a rather Julius Caesar Cavalierity and be able to gather data and have it released to the law enforcement that is trying to stand the situation down.

It may be the moment to remind people about the relationship between actual participants in events and use of technology and remember that we once used to only be imaged by other people.

Meanwhile, IN Canada – at British Columbia, we have a 17 year old teenaged Boy who jumped into a known dangerous canyon and we are now waiting hourly for three to 5 weeks about the recovery of his body, or parts which are mostly likely remaining and collectible.

Then, we have teenage suicide contagions across Canada on Indigenous Reservations.

the contrast between those who risk their lives for immediate thrill and those who end their lives because they have no future to lose…

14_myths_legends_myths_legends_chuck_barris_gong_showguinness-book-of-world-recordsAmerica Home Videos

Now, many people pin the decline of culture on the American 1970s tv show, the Gong Show – and the end of scripted and the start of “reality” tv with America’s Funniest Home Videos of people hurting themselves or getting kicked in the groin.

I put those trends down to the much much earlier Big Book of Idiocy – The Guinness World Records – a book of debunking urban legends and tracking trivia to end verbal fights turning into fist fights in Bars.

Book series compiling fatal unexpected but often predicatable events – The Book of Heroic Failures by Stephen Pile – who founded the Not So Terribly Great Club and became so successful as an author he was kicked out. Talk about your Groucho Marx Club Line. 


People do things without a thought or consideration to safety or what if things go wrong.


Even when they know better, they approximate, rather than offset correctly.

the young and those who don’t understand need to be taught or protected from accessing things beyond their comprehension to trying to shake yer head at what people do when the ought, should, could or even did know better, eh.


At Home and Play is one thing, but on the job is an entirely other matter. Management and Employers have ZERO excuse and employees have ZERO excuse for not using safety gear or following proper procedures.



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