Media Meta Entertainment: Copyright vs naught

New Movie, Miniseries, TV Series! Mystery! Suspense, Excitement – Based on Agatha Christie…..ahhhhh what decade did she die in – so who knows who is anyone that has read the books. or seen any number of the theatre plays or movies and tv shows that have been made over the decades as the theatre or book rights were able to be bought. or licensed. rented, optioned.

Formula Books, Churned out with few variations and populated by Peculiar People who are willing to kill for fun and sport, monied and because they can.

Anything sold in a By the Pound or started on pulp and ended in paper between hard covers and Bindings of Books made to last, vs those to be Re-pulped.

Collected wisdom are folk tales told over and over and writings are done by specific people, or groups of people, Professional writing requiring an editor/publisher and Printer/Distributor Business Relationship. Material Costs.

Panama Papers: Quebec lawyer based in Dubai linked to Mossack Fonseca

Tricks the world’s super wealthy use to hide assets offshore

News Aversion Therapy, April 4, 2016 – CBC – Canadian Broadcast Corp (Radio, Television – now streaming internet too, funny how professional media took like Blair Witch Project and a decade too late as they wasted time laughing at the newspapers…

Broadsheets with sections or tabloids for commuters: now reduced to barely community group newsletters. They messed up by shrinking the comics, the best part of the paper that let us best understand the world and why only Cathy Guistwiete of the Cathy Cartoon Syndicated  and Lynn Johnston of For Better for For Worse from Canada where ever censured for dealing with family issues – Cathy’s Andrea campaigned for Dukkais (1980s) and FBOFR had a teenaged boy come out as gay (1990s). Meanwhile Doonesbury had already gone over all those issues with grown up characters.

‘We’re beyond arguing’ who’s responsible for indigenous health, says health minister

RBC denies wrongdoing after being named in Panama Papers

Halal labelling rules kick in today, but certifying organizations remain unregulated

Halal and Kosher are a ritual manner of livestock butchery/food processing on top of not really understanding the concept of food safety of sitting long enough to observe an environment long enough to figure out when it’s safe or not to eat the foods and you cultivate them.

Traditional Plant Foods of canadian indigenous peoples …

Aboriginal Aquaculture Association

Nomadic people – and desert dwellers in an era where the concepts of actual cold freezing was unknown – and they worked on the process of hydration and spicing to accomplish three things 1. preserve food for durability 2. seasoned for nutrition and flavour 3. disguise the ripened to rot maturing of foodstuffs. Salt, dehydrated or cooked/roasted – baked, boiled, etc.

Nomadic people did not occupy lands, they traveled through them, the salt and spice trade, camels and caravans, before and continuing with trucks on highways and railroads on roads. Sand or land dirt under plants that hold the useful dirt in place or just rocks and loose minerals in particles. Savannah Plains or Desert Sands…


Neil Patrick Harris, husband David Burtka celebrate anniversary in Tofino

WestJet faces potential class-action lawsuit over alleged workplace harassment


Astonishing List of 71 Top Bankers Dead and No Natural ……/astonishing-list-of-71-top-bankersdead.htm…

Dec 30, 2014 – I’ve recently stumbled across a list of top bankers that have been killedin cold blood, died in “accidents” or have allegedly committed suicide.

You’ve visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 03/11/15

dead: 125 scientists, 75 high-level bankers, & 3 investigative

A Denver banker that supposedly shot himself 8 times in his head and torso with … aboard the flight on their way to an international Aids conference in Australia.

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