NAFTA v EuroBloc

USA Watch:

Why Clinton Must Be President

The next American President is still being decided by the Democratic Party, between moving forward with a woman or moving back to a white man. Party Agenda is as Party Agenda Does.

Top 5 for Next American President

Meanwhile, the Republican Party Panics as it Plays who is the Most Inoffensive Bigot?

Republicans from Word Salad to Fruit Salad

Middle America Governor John Kasich, who’s groovy enough to smoke marijuna but is totally into restricting women’s rights. GOP – Grand Ole Party, Good Old Party, Boy’s Club.

Kasich’s Kitchen Campaign

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, born in Alberta Canada, the State and Province most separated at Canadian Dominion and US of A Republic.

Dear Birthers: ‘splain Cruz

A certainly to be contested in court, if finally to determine what is natural born vs not and when it’s okay to be an immigrant or a migrant.

LOLStraights: Did Ted Cruz sing it or not?

Donald Trump, meanwhile has revealed too much about America to too many people, Popularism vs Practicality.

Elvis and Nixon – The A Lister Biopic

has the Republic Party, finally realized that they have hit peak assimilation through lowered self esteem as established by social norms in a lowest common denominator crash culture of trash pop?

Nixon vs Presley

Meanwhile in Canada, a Mexican Foreign Worker makes a political statement on the job, instead of doing his job, and I was not aware that Canada was short of construction workers, that is deemed a middle class job in Canada.

Explain to me, again your work ethic of doing your job with quality, when you are doing personal political on paid employer time…You do not get to be “you” when you are on the job,

Unless you are hired in communications, you really should not draw media attention to yourself when you are on the job, you may be fired as either not a company representative  or as an example to others, employees or customers, that you are not representative of the image they seek to represent.

So honestly, what message are you sending, to whom and with what intentional and not-intended but predicatable outcomes.

Hydro One employee fired over sexual harassment of a …

This is not any different than the man who did the disgusting ManThing to the women reporter and was fired from his Provincial Government Job.

Trump vs Hitler: Understanding your Dictators

So while we are fighting over building Classical Roman Aquaduct scale of Pipeline to transport liquidish combustables, and those “Canadian Construction workers with families” not being allowed to work on a project that is under “environmental review”should and can instead be doing the construction of Building Projects – so that companies don’t get to avoid paying taxes and employment so that people can pay taxes –

but mostly to build the infrastructure of no pot holed in the highway and freeway system, which is supposed to be free and not tolled, such as on the replacement Port Mann crossing the Fraser River, connecting communities so that people are not in backwater and remote places where there is nothing to do and little access to education to get to do it.

#Violence @Work or @School


1920s, New York – a lot of those guys worked on ships… and were from Canada and many of them were indigenous.

Avoidable Accidents and Causable Collisions

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