Rock Star Elvis Sightings

From Elvis Information Network:

Rick Springfield on meeting Elvis: Most people know Australian native Rick Springfield for his huge 1981 hit single Jessie’s Girl, around the same time he starred in TV’s General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake. He followed up that song and role with a few more hit singles, a variety of acting gigs and last year he made an impressive return to the big screen alongside Meryl Streep in Ricki And The Flash.
This week the AV Club asked him about meeting Elvis.
Rick S: I met Elvis on a plane, in 1972. My manager, actually, at the time, was Steve Binder, who directed the Elvis comeback special for NBC. So I was going back and forth from Australia because I didn’t have a permanent visa, so I had to fly back and get another visitor’s visa and fly back to America. I was doing that for a while. I got on the plane one time and I was in the back of the bus but I walked past the first-class section – it was stopping in Hawaii because he was going to
Hawaii – and there was Elvis, and he looked amazing. You know, jet black hair, and he was thin and had this powder-blue leisure suit on, and he came back [to coach] before the plane landed and went up and down the aisle signing autographs. I wasn’t a big fan at the time then – I am now but I wasn’t much then, I was more a fan of The Beatles – but I had a girlfriend named Allison and I said, “Hey, would you sign this for my girlfriend Allison?” And I said, “You know, Steve Binder manages me,” and Elvis said, “Oh, I love Steve, Steve’s great,” and had a little conversation with him. It was pretty cool.

(News, Source;AV/ElvisInfoNet)

RockStar 101: The Elvis Career Phases

Rick Springfield was a teen idol baby rock star in the 1970s, complete with Cartoon TV Show. In the 1980s, he was on General Hospital and rocking gigs on weekends. He made Rock Star movie _ Hard to Hold and toured the world in pastel versions of Elvis Presley’s 50s stagewear.


Who’s Who of Celebritydom: Fame is fleeting and Fortune is relative

Elvis teen idoled wearing a tie, the 60s was pretty ugly hippie blue jeans, and the Brit 60s rock introduced Old World Mock Fashions intot he Gender Blurring 1970s and Genderfuck 1980s. Metrosexuality and fashion sense, boys wearing make up again and appearing bathed. Sucks to be a heterosexual man and having to do your own make up.

Musical Feats: Chart Deaths

UK Latest Album Chart: Elvis is still hanging on in the UK Top Thirty.

Official UK Top 30 Albums Chart April 1st 2016
1 ZAYN – Mind Of Mine
2 Adele – 25
3 Joe Bonamassa – Blues Of Desperation
4 Birdy – Beautiful Lies
5 Justin Bieber – Purpose
26 Elvis With The RPO -‘If I Can Dream’
Other Elvis Entries On The UK Charts – 1st April, 2016:
‘If I Can Dream’ drops from 16 to 24 on the Album Sales Chart and drops from 13 to 17 on the Physical Album Chart.
‘The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs’ drops from 65 to 87 on the Physical Album Chart.
‘If I Can Dream’ drops from 17 to 25 on the Scottish Album Chart.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

recently, country star Dwight Yokum, who was part of the New Nashville Hick reboot along with Lyle Lovett and Canada’s kd lang, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when I was a DJ on the Simon Fraser University Student Radio Station, that broadcast on and off The Hill (Burnaby Mountain), spread the rumour of Elvis being interested in David Bowie producing an album.

Elvis Presley only saw David Bowie one time – David Bowie finished a Ziggy Stardust concert in England, then Flew to the USA in his stage costume and went to Madison Square Garden to join an Elvis Concert there in Progress.

So – The Idea of Elvis Presley wanting to work with a Guy who Walked into HIS concert in a red sparkly suit… nope. Never happened.

This is why rumors get credibility, it is the status of the person who is claiming it.

In the 1980s, someone in Duran Duran said in a fan magazine – your first album is a fluke, the second rides on the 1st and the 3rd album is the proving ground.

So the Elvis Career Phases are: Rock Celebrity – radio and tv – move into Movies, concert, elite concerts and the lesson is record what you want, not what will just sell. Shotgun until mastery and then make it count.

Post Elvis – and combined with the Lessons of The Beatles: finding the right private and public balance. Explore with the artistic product, play less with the role modelling.

Rick Springfield, kd lang and other people have put Buddhism, Taoism and other into the pop culture mix and rock and roll and it’s spin off are just teens and 20s and fill the noise seekers, among all the kinds of music that there is and has been.

You have to step out of shadows, and Rick Springfield and Prince are both informative of it’s the painfully introspective people who write and it’s outgoing people who perform. Different skill sets.

Elvis has apparently become cool again, now that celebrities who copied him are admitting that they once got to encounter him, eh?


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