rape memes or “why dinner means sex”

Republic Rape 3 Rapists are parents too

Please note – I have never been raped and anyone who thinks I or anyone deserves to be, is the problem and on the incorrect side of manners, civilization and in most places, the law. religion is the exemption for many criminal behaviours.

Republic Rape 2Rethuglican 101


Drug Trauma DenialRepublic Rape 1 Pat RobertsonMurica GUNS GUNS GUNS


Today is April 3, 2016 – the City of Surrey, British Columbia is the murder capitol of Canada. When the news hour started, there had been 29 homocides in Surrey and for the first time, the body count went up to 30 before the news was finished. Breaking news indeed.

legalization child sex workUN Aid rape dependant

Anti-Bully campaign videos

Christine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to menNina and Alice Walker

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

central park joggerstress and body

The Big Boned Gal Campaign

santorum Nina and Susie Bright sexual state of the union

The Lesbian Avenger Call to Action Handbook

Male DominationThe angry White Manscience v religion women divide

Surrey is the murder capitol because of a few factors: 1. Organized Crime 2. Domestic Violence.

Ghetto to Ghetto

This is the documentary that I worked on in film school. Vancouver’s housing crisis was not enough rental stock, foreign ownership without occupying lots: 

Also on the news was interest by American cities in the Vancouver Injection Clinic – Insight. It not only has reduced overdose deaths, it has counselled people off the drugs and off the street, which is very impressive given the NIMBY-tude the GVRD is infamous for.


Insights about Insite

The Vancouver Injection site has reduced petty property crimes, as well as reducing the load on Hospital emergencies, by all meaningful measures, it’s been a success for all stakeholders, and it was part of a 4 Pillar Community Plan. the mayor that did it, is now a senator; Larry Campbell. Liberal.  Saving lives and reducing crime.

Treating addiction as a medical matter rather than a criminal one.

Addiction Safeword is Consequences

Nina with National Geo Polygamy in AmericaSex in History and Womens Work

Atheism is to religion as rehab is to addiction

Lesbian Nuns and Coming Out Stories At Home on he stroll and Good Time Girls

Addiction and Personal Responsibility

school bulliesmiss_america

Public Education Canada: British Columbia Edition

Warrior Marks Alice Walkersocial moviements wave

War on Christmas Index

The First AIDS Decadelove or hatee1db7277d335ce3f0921ce8295ed2903

Religion vs Reality Memes

hoodie vs justiceRachel

Science: The Earth Disciplines – Science memes to Dec 2015

rights now

The Political Memes 2013-15

said and heardAbrahamic Pedophile Manuals

Remember The Francis Street Incident: Vancouver 1991

sruvivor 2 transformation survivor

Vancouver Police vs The City of Vancouver

Jim Rubens shooting women quotescreen-shot-2012-08-09-at-9-03-38-am

Vancouver’s Housing Crisis 2016

Rape X condom C-belt

Vancouver: Bikes and Dispensaries

Highway of tears 18 580 Aboriginal Woman missing

Vancouver and Housing

Highway of tearsThe Pill since 1965Canada women history

Vancouver Sun: Texas OpEd Snap


O Canada: Vancouver and the Housing Crunch-Crisis-ortunity?

Mother Teresa was evilself entitlement

Vancouver City Sandbagging Seawall


Vancouver’s 2 fave Pots: Coffee and Weed

Stephen Fry on being offendedreligion vs science

Uprising Bakery – A Vancouver Agoraphobic Outing


Hundreds gather in Vancouver for annual vigil honouring missing and murdered Aboriginal women

Shared on line as I am unable to attend in person

Nina’s Vancouver (BC) Views, Canada eh!

Hojatolslam Kazem EarthquakesRobertson Booga Booga

Peak Vancouver: The Art Gallery

the Duggar DenialThe Rape Religion

Vancouver Views: Jane Fonda dares VPD to arrest her


Dear Christy Clark: Peak Vancouver


FSM: Vancouver Pride Uncover Christian


VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

Religion 101 no No Doubt eh?

Happy Pride Parade Vancouver

boogie_nights_posterTexas vs Ireland

Queen + Adam Lambert grief climax in Vancouver: 6/28/2014

Hothead Paisan Penis MeditationThe Journey Girl Vs Boy

Note to Self: Save the Downtown Eastside Petition

Science vs religionkeefe

The Battle of the Burbs: BC’s BSitudes


Dear Ms Beals and Where the Sun Shines and Does Not

virgin mary cheese toast1920554_676237542457634_7608258799382402493_n

what can one person do? create a lot of suffering, where extremists lead, idiot follow

0x0_691750 inspiration

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